BO&I Div. is the hub of DPW Work Management System.
One of its main responsibilities are to maintain the Facilities Management System to collect current and accurate information to make decisions, identify problems, manage, control, and expedite work. DPW can then maximize productivity, minimize reimbursement rates, and make effective use of available resources.

BOID's Services and Resources

a. Resource Planning and Management

Planning and Programming are responsibilities shared among DPW’s Master Planning Division, Operations and Maintenance, Engineering Services and BO&I offices. Accounting, Budgeting and Budget Execution are functions of Business Operations and Integration.

b. Work Reception

The Customer Service objectives are to serve as the initial Directorate of Public Works (DPW) point of contact for DPW customers with questions or concerns. The Work Reception function consists of establishing and tracking all requests for Real Property Maintenance Activities (RPMA) work or services from initiation through physical and financial completion and maintaining active and historical workload records.

d. Work Coordination

The Work Coordination function consists of screening, staffing, and expediting the approval process for all Work Requests for Real Property Maintenance Activities (RPMA) work.

e. Work Estimating

The Work Estimating function consists of determining the work requirements, planning the work accomplishment, and estimating labor hours, material, and equipment resources and the total dollar cost to perform a specific job, service, or operation.

f. Supply

The Supply branch has two main missions, Stock Control & Storage:

(1)Stock Control Mission: Maintains documentary control of Facilities Engineer supply items and equipment processes document covering incoming and outgoing items. Maintains and control property book items and receipts from property book officer.

(2)Storage Mission: Conducts the Facilities Engineering storage and warehousing operations. Receives, checks, stores, and issue supplies and equipment. Inspects and classifies items, selects, and loads supplies and equipment for shipment. Issues supplies to customers and IJO holding area.

g. Work Scheduling

The Work Scheduling function for work that is to be accomplished in-house consists of matching requirements with resources in an organized manner to provide for the timely, orderly and economical accomplishment of in-house work and the orderly assignment of work to the individual DPW shops.