Motorcycle test range

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FORT CARSON, Colo. — A motorcyclist in the Advanced Rider Training Course practices figure eight and acceleration drills on the recently updated surface at the motorcycle safety course on Fort Carson May 17, 2024. The motorcycle training range was moved from just south of the B Street Gate to the new location just east of Carson Middle School to allow for the installation of a 20-inch watermain through the existing parking lot. The cost of the nearly 50,000-square-foot asphalt surface was $150,000. The 26,400-square-foot-striped course is used for the two-day Basic Riders Course and the one-day Advanced Riders Course. Soldiers are required to coordinate with their unit motorcycle mentor prior to signing up for the classes on the U.S. Army Installation Registration System (AIRS). Classes are limited to six riders. Government civilians can sign up for classes on standby.

Photo by John Switzer