The Public Affairs Office supports Carlisle Barracks by communicating on behalf of the installation and its leadership - providing clear, accurate, timely information to internal & external audiences. We employ a variety of communication strategies- including internal news and information products, media engagement, and public outreach. We support tenant units on the installation including the U.S. Army War College.

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Carlisle Barracks and the Army War College take pride in responding to requests for speakers, at no charge. USAWC students and faculty and Carlisle Barracks leaders and staff speak at service clubs, schools, colleges, veteran service organizations, business groups and more.

  • The USAWC student body includes Army, Navy, Marine, Air Force and Coast Guard officers... interagency partners... and international allies/partners.
  • These highly experienced US military officers and civilian leaders in US national security agencies bring a diverse set of backgrounds and experiences in leadership, military operations, planning, logistics, ethical decision-making, international relations, government careers, military history, current military topics, emerging issues such as cyber security, space, and more. Just ask.
  • Carlisle Barracks leaders and staff bring a wealth of knowledge about the Army, the local community and provide expertise gathered from years of experience.

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