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Welcome to carlisle barracks

Installation Status:

Carlisle Barracks is operating at Health Protection Condition Charlie. Contact your supervisor for further instructions.

Check here or call (717) 245-3700 for the latest on post operations.

Carlisle Barracks News
Apr 7, 2020
DOD, local, personal planning for coronavirus/ COVID-19: This space will be updated regularly to arm our workforce, our student body, and our families about new information relevant to this community, about CDC guidance to avoid contracting or spreading …
Mar 21, 2020
Social distancing need not mean isolation. Whenever feasible, we’ll share news from around the Army.
Mar 19, 2020
Participate in the next virtual townhall meeting: -- interactive, live on WED April 8 at noon.
Mar 17, 2020
USAWC student COL Liz Martin wrote this article for Defense News --
Mar 14, 2020
Certain Gold Star and next-of-kin survivors are expected to find it easier to visit Army installations since a new process went into effect in January.