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Read the order HERE.


USAG Bavaria has implemented protection measures for the health protection of our community. Expect these measures to impact normal day-to-day operations across Garmisch, Grafenwoehr, Vilseck and Hohenfels. Updates will be posted here and at the USAG Bavaria Facebook page.  We're updating our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page daily, as well as our Service Trackers at Grafenwoehr/Vilseck, Hohenfels and Garmisch. Ensure you're registered in the Alert mass notification system.






Highlights from 6 July Garrison Town Hall (July 6, 2020)
USAG Bavaria Public Affairs

HIGHLIGHTS from July 6 Town Hall
• GO1D effective since June 22. View the order here: https://go.usa.gov/xweJ8
• Commercial Air is unauthorized for leisure travel.
• On a daily basis, there is an update for Installation Management Command, the status of an installation and if installations will be restricted for travel.
• Contractors and DA Civilians are highly encouraged to follow GO1D. Soldiers must follow GO1D.
• MEDDAC-Bavaria is 3 weeks ahead of schedule and will soon transition to Phase 2 of reopening medical services. For more details on what Phase 2 will look like, visit your clinic's Facebook page. The Dental clinic is not yet scaling up services.
• The medical clinics will offer physicals for children before the DoDEA school year starts. Dates will be published, when individuals can get a physical.
• ETP’s are still required for all official travel and PCS movements. You will need an ETP to PCS, unless both installations are considered “Green” by Army Headquarters.
• The EU is currently not allowing leisure travel from the United States to Germany and other EU countries.
• DeCA Commissaries require 100% ID checks. Visitors inside the commissary are not allowed at this time. This is a policy that comes from the DeCA headquarters.
• The teen center will not open, yet.
• The bus routes from Netzaberg to Grafenwoehr are not operating.
• The Tower Barracks Bowling Center is operational; however, breakfast is not being served at the cafe, currently. Please view this link for specific hours: https://bit.ly/2Z6STf6
• USAG Bavaria is working with the Legal team to open softball and indoor courts. We will provide more information, when it becomes available.
• DoDEA is planning to open schools on 24 August. This is subject to change.
• USAG Bavaria is doing very well fighting the spread of COVID. Remain vigilant.

Questions? Email us at usarmy.bavaria.imcom-europe.mbx.pao@mail.mil

CYS Updates & Frequently Asked Questions
USAG Bavaria Family & MWR

Have questions? Your Child and Youth Services team has put together answers to your most frequently-asked questions about current CYS services at Tower Barracks, Rose Barracks and in Netzaberg. Click here to learn more.

Highlights from 29 June Garrison Town Hall (June 29, 2020)
USAG Bavaria Public Affairs

HIGHLIGHTS from June 29 Town Hall
• There was garbage left at Diessfurt Lake over the weekend. Take care of the community and keep the area clean.
• Rose Barracks, Hohenfels, and Garmisch will be lighting off fireworks for the 4th of July. Please remember to continue physical distancing measures, wear face masks and do not gather in large groups.
• GO1D effective since June 22. View the order here: https://go.usa.gov/xweJ8
• Commercial Air is unauthorized for leisure travel
• On a daily basis, there is an update for Installation Management Command and for the status of an installation, and if will be restricted for travel.
• CDCs are open to 1B and 1C personnel (Single soldier parents, dual-military parents) and some mission-critical individuals. In two weeks, USAG Bavaria will determine if it is possible to expand the capacity for childcare for more families.
• MEDDAC-Bavaria is 3 weeks ahead of schedule and will soon transition to Phase 2 of reopening medical services. For more details on what Phase 2 will look like, visit your clinic's Facebook page.
• USAG Bavaria is closely aligned with Bavarian regulations. Follow both regulations, if you are a member of the USAG Bavaria community.
• Movers and maintenance employees should be wearing a face covers while in your home. It is the family’s obligation to sanitize the home once the employees leave.
• When a DA civilian arrives to the USAG Bavaria community, they will go into quarantine. The DA civilian will be offered to take a optional COVID test around the 4th or 5th day of their quarantine. If the test comes back negative, they will be offered to go into "working quarantine."
• Tricare offers translation services. If you are at an off-post medical facility and there is a language barrier, call: Commercial: +49-(0)06371-9464-2999, DSN: 314-590-2999.
• ETP’s are still required for all official travel and PCS movements.
• If you have DoD orders and have SOFA status, you will be allowed to re-enter Germany from the states.


Highlights from 22 June Garrison Town Hall (June 22, 2020)
USAG Bavaria Public Affairs

HIGHLIGHTS from June 22 Town Hall
• General Order 1C has been rescinded.
• General Order 1D is now in effect.
• Click here to view the order.
• Specific International Travel is now authorized. International travel is only authorized through Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. The only authorized mode of transportation is ground travel. Air travel and cruise travel is not authorized.
• Installation visitors, who hold a U.S. passport, will be required to show that they have completed their quarantine period upon arrival to Germany.
• For information on SATO, click the link: https://bit.ly/3fQuJem
• Casinos on-post are still closed.
• Children, who were previously enrolled in Family Child Care Homes, will be able to return. However, once the contract ends the single and dual military individuals with children will take priority.
• Specific dates on when the Gyms and CDCs will open will be announced later today/tomorrow.
• 4th of July fireworks will be on Rose Barracks, Hohenfels and Edelweiss.
• Housing is now handling routine work orders.
• USAG Bavaria is the first Garrison in Europe to be a pilot for a housing work order mobile application. This will allow tenants to request housing work orders through an app on their mobile device. This app will be released in August.
• Take responsibility and practice good hand hygiene, wear a face covering and keep your distance.

• If you are showing signs of COVID-19, self-isolate and call your primary health care provider.
• Curbside Pick-up for prescriptions can be picked up at the Grafenwoehr Clinic. Call the clinic to pick up your prescriptions curbside.
• Have a specific medical question? Send MEDDAC-Bavaria a message on Facebook.

• All U.S. Army installations are currently considered “red.” This means all Soldiers who are PCS’ing will require an ETP to process.
• Newcomers: Talk with your sponsors to be prepared for the required 14 day quarantine period.
• As of June 29, lodging on-post will only be available for incoming quarantining soldiers and families. If you are outgoing or require to stay in a hotel, please look for lodging options off-post.

A message from SATO regarding Reservations (June 22, 2020)
CWT SatoTravel

Current travel challenges, such as flights cancellations and consistent schedule changes experienced due to the COVID-19 pandemic in addition to an increase in available AMC flights, have a huge impact on our daily operations. Please allow an extended response time, as we work to ensure travel deadlines for all received requests are met.

NOTE: If applicable, please write "Emergency leave / Short
notice" in the subject line.

Please submit your travel requests via one of these methods:

Online reservation request form: https://www.cwtsatotravel.com
• Search for your responsible office
• Under manage your travel plans select "online request"
• Under "additional information or instructions" list the following:

  • Full names, dates of birth and passport # of all travelers
  • DoD ID of the Sponsor
  • Last ten digits and exp. date of the GTCC
  • For pets: breed, age, weight including kennel and kennel size or dimensions

GrafenwoehrCTO@cwtsato.com; HohenfelsCTO@cwtsato.com;

CWT SATO Emergency Support Center: ESCFAX@cwtsato.com or call Toll-free at 866-422-9428 or call Collect at 001-210-877-3357.

Highlights from 15 June Garrison Town Hall (June15, 2020)
USAG Bavaria Public Affairs

HIGHLIGHTS from June 15 Town Hall

• Service members may only travel within Germany
• Dependents can travel to the United States. However, they are at the mercy of the airlines. 
• There is still a 14-day quarantine period when arriving in Germany. There is not a date to when the quarantine period will be lifted.
• The SOFA status is the equivalent of an extended visa. It doesn’t mean SOFA stamp holders are the equivalent of EU residents.
• If you are PCSing and would like to know if you will be required to quarantine upon arrival to a gaining post in the U.S., reach out to your sponsor at the gaining unit for this information.
• Although the DoD has recognized certain states as “green,” no Army installation has. This means that you still require an ETP to PCS.
• Check the German Federal Foreign Office (in English) for the most up-to-date information on all things related to COVID-19 and foreign travel. Non-essential travel is still temporarily restricted when entering the EU (until 30 June 2020). As you make travel plans, please be aware that the government can extend this date of restricted travel if the rate of new coronavirus infection begin to rise. Caution-https://www.auswaertiges-amt.de/en/

• When the gyms open on-post, there will be specific guidelines: Gyms will be opening later in the morning so that they will remain open later in the day. There will be limited occupancy. Workouts will be limited to about an hour. Showers and saunas will not be operational. Once capacity is reached in the gym, patrons will have to wait outside until a slot becomes open. 
• Under General Order 1C, Soldiers are not authorized to go to gyms off-post.
• CDCs should be open by the end of the month. You will get a one week notice prior to the opening of CDCs, if your child will be able to return. CDCs will only be able to service categories 1B and 1C (single and dual military parents), and a small number of mission-critical individuals. USAG Bavaria will look at how to increase their service to allow for more slots once the CDCs open. 
• ID card checks still occur when entering the commissary. 
• Transportation is working on getting SATO to be more responsive. 
• The ID office has temporarily increased the age of when children are authorized to receive an ID card from 10 to 14 years old. USAG Bavaria has ensured the PONDS guards at the gates know that children under the age of 14 do not need an ID to gain access on-post.
• The USAG Bavaria Education Centers are still closed for most face to face services. However, they now offer some testing services. If you have specific questions, they are available by email usarmy.bavaria.id-europe.mbx.aces@mail.mil  and phone.

• MEDDAC-Bavaria is currently in Phase 1 of reopening services, with a focus on readiness. They will continue to scale up services in Phase 2, scheduled to start in July.
• If you have a referral for a procedure off-post that is set to expire between March and June, it will be extended 180 days. 
• Thank you to all American Red Cross-USAG Bavaria Grafenwoehr & Vilseck and American Red Cross volunteers for the continued support.

Please feel free to contact us: usarmy.bavaria.id-europe.mbx.pao@mail.mil

Highlights from 8 June Garrison Town Hall (June 8, 2020)
USAG Bavaria Public Affairs

HIGHLIGHTS from June 8 Town Hall
General Order 1B
• General Order 1B has been rescinded.
General Order 1C
• General Order 1C is now in effect. 
• See the order HERE.
• Visitor sign-on is authorized.
• Mileage restriction has been lifted.
• Soldiers can travel anywhere in Germany.
• Soldiers cannot travel to different countries.
• Soldiers can now stay in hotels.
• Soldiers can now use indoor dining areas.
• Soldiers can use swimming pools.
• There is no more curfew.
• You can now have members of one other household in your POV with you, instead of just one other person.
• Soldiers cannot visit off-post bars, night clubs, dance clubs, movie theaters, spas, massage parlors, hookah lounges, gyms, or other physical fitness facilities. 
• Wear a face-covering.
• Gyms and CDCs anticipate to be open by the end of June with modifications. 
• Gate 1 at Tower Barracks is now open for outbound traffic and foot traffic until 10 p.m. Effective Friday (June 12), Gate 1 will be open for outbound and foot traffic 24/7. 
• USAG Bavaria CDCs will follow all DoD and German government restrictive guidelines.
• Softball is still unauthorized. Effective yesterday (June 8), The State of Bavaria allows 20 people to play sports together, instead of 5. USAG Bavaria will be approximately two weeks behind. 
• USAG Bavaria anticipates bringing a modified seating area back to the food court in a week. 
• The bowling alley is still closed.
• Soldiers can go to religious services.
• State Department is working on reopening its tourist passport processes. We will announce when they are able to process tourist passports. 
• Bushes near the Grafenwoehr Freecycle center will be trimmed.
• If an establishment’s hand washing station is out, then please use the latrines to wash your hands.
• Garmisch walk-in gate will open June 15. 
• Self Help at all locations is now open.
Travel & PCS
• Germany is not yet allowing tourist travel from the United States.
• The stop move has changed to a conditions-based stop move.
• There are quarantine requirements for Soldiers and Family members upon arriving to Germany.
• There will be no leave charges for quarantine.
• Starting June 29, lodging on-post will be dedicated to inbound PCS.
• The goal is to get those, who are inbound, to quarantine in the quarters they will be living in. This requires communication with your sponsor. 
• Telehealth calls will continue after the COVID-19 pandemic.
• The dental treatment facilities on-post is focusing on dental readiness and focusing on class III and IV personnel. The dental clinic anticipates that they will scale services back up starting in July.
Focus Groups
• Racism has no place in the Army or our Nation. 
• There is a series of upcoming focus groups run by the Equal Opportunity and the Equal Employment Opportunity. 
• The purpose of these focus groups is to give community members an opportunity to discuss community concerns based on COVID-19 restrictions, protests in CONUS, Equal Opportunity concerns and the community’s morale as a whole. Ask your chain of command when your focus group is.
• RSVP is required. The groups are limited to 15 participants. 
• Contact the EO Advisor at CIV: 09641-70-526-3115 and 
CELL: 0152-2442-6147.
• Focus Group times open to family members only:
• 9 June 2020 - 3 p.m. at Tower View Conference Center.
• 10 June 2020 - 3 p.m. at Rose Barracks Chapel.
• 11 June 2020 - 3 p.m. at Rose Barracks Chapel.

Vilseck High School Seniors Graduate June 6 (June 8, 2020)
USAG Bavaria Public Affairs

Students from Vilseck High School graduated on June 6, 2020, with hopes for their future amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. 
“Since we lost a third of our senior year to corona, I thought it’d be empowering for us to reclaim the word and make it our own,” said Vilseck High School Class President Hassanatou Balde. “C for committed, O for optimistic, R for resilient, O for open-hearted, N for noble and A for above any other class. We are the ‘Class of CORONA,’ and we are powerful." See the full article


Passport guidance set to curb delays, as Army heads into peak PCS season (June 5 2020)
 Army News Service

Military families applying for official passports must submit their paperwork no earlier than 60 days, but no later than 45 days from their departure date, said a top travel official, as COVID-19 stop movements are lifted.
The new policy is in place to curtail potential holdups that military personnel, government civilians and families may experience with their PCS moves to international locations beyond the continental United States, or OCONUS.
Read up on more passport guidance HERE.


Highlights from 1 June Garrison Town Hall (June 1, 2020)
USAG Bavaria Public Affairs

- There is no date for Child Care to resume yet.
- The State Department is processing and issuing no-fee and Official Passports. They are not yet accepting tourist passports. Click on the link more information: https://go.usa.gov/xwjnE
- Heart and Home will open Wednesday, June 3. 
- BCSC Thrift Shop: Grafenwoehr will open Tuesday, June 9.
- The first hour of business for the commissary is for high-risk patrons.
- Reusable bags in the commissary are authorized.
- As restrictions lift, personal responsibility must increase. Wear a face covering. Maintain social distancing. Practice hand hygiene measures.
- USAG Bavaria is working to ensure Hand washing stations remain stocked with soap and water. In the case that the water or soap runs out, it is your obligation to use the latrine inside the establishment to wash your hands.
- Secondary screening and temperature checks will eventually become random for transactional workers.
- Edelweiss is opening on 15 June. Soldiers, however, are still currently restricted to 50 km.
- Auto Skills Centers are open. Click the link to see the flyer: https://go.usa.gov/xwjUc
- PX concessionaires will reopen soon. More to follow.
- Germany and other EU countries are still currently restricting foreign countries from visiting. 
- Frankfurt Consulate Visa Immigration Unit is processing i130 active duty applications and conducting interviews. For more information, click the link: https://go.usa.gov/xwjyc
- If you have not been contacted for an HBB inspection, please contact the HBB office to schedule an inspection.
- DoD Stop move has changed from being a time-based stop to a conditions-based stop move. There are 2 overarching factors that contribute to travel. Click the link to see the memo: https://go.usa.gov/xwjyt
- In case you need to quarantine upon arriving at your new duty station, you would not need to arrive early to quarantine. You may check-in on your report date to the receiving unit and then go into quarantine.
- Labor and Delivery tours at local nation hospitals are not currently occurring.
- For baby delivery in June, the Father may be able to be there the entire delivery process. The visitation restrictions after delivery allow for the father to visit for 2 hours per day. 
- Acupuncture appointments are still not operating.
- Dental services started to scale up services. For the latest information, visit MEDDAC-Bavaria
- Do not wear a face shield. Wear a mouth-nose covering.
- For information on who should wear a face-covering, click the link: https://go.usa.gov/xwjnW
General Order 1B
- General Order 1B is still in effect.
- Bavaria is opening gyms on June 8th, with significant restrictions. USAG Bavaria will lag at least two weeks behind. Reminder: General Order 1B does not allow Soldiers to go to gyms. To see General Order 1B, click the link: https://go.usa.gov/xwjQn
- To see the most recent Bavarian Ordnance, click the link: https://go.usa.gov/xwjQr
- Soldiers may NOT use indoor seating at restaurants. There is no restrictions to Soldiers using outdoor seating at restaurants and beer gardens. 
- Soldiers are still restricted to 50km.
- Visitor sign-ons are still restricted.
- For exceptions to General Order 1B, work through your chain of command and request the exception from the first O-5 or GS14 in your chain of command.


Outdoor Recreation Centers, Auto Skills Centers, and Libraries reopens in Bavaria (June 1, 2020)
USAG Bavaria MWR

USAG Bavaria MWR has reopened their outoor recreation centers, auto skills centers, and libraries with limited services.

Libraries: Online orders are now available. Request your books online HERE. See the flyer HERE.

Auto Skills Center: Now providing limited services. See the flyer HERE.

Tower/Rose Barracks Value Added Tax (VAT) Office: Now open for walk-ins. Forms can also be ordered by e-mail or over the phone. More information HERE.

Tower/Rose Barracks Outdoor Recreation: Wild B.O.A.R. Outdoor Recreation: Limited services available include: rentals, bike maintenance, disc golf, boating/Stand up paddleboarding, fishing permits and shooting ranges. Services NOT currently available: pavilions, multi-purpose room, leisure travel, climbing hall, high ropes course and adventure activities. See the flyer HERE

Hohenfels Outdoor Recreation: Open with limited services. See the flyer HERE.

Garmisch Outdoor Recreation: Collect, complete, and enter to win in the Army MWR Library Bike Bingo, open only to the Garmisch community. See the flyer HERE.

MWR Take Out Options: See the flyer HERE.

PCSing out of Germany with a Vehicle (June 1, 2020)
USAG Bavaria Public Affairs

As soon as you receive PCS orders, immediately schedule your vehicle de-registration appointment. Due to COVID-19 limitations, the Vehicle Registration office is experiencing delays and highly encourages patrons to make appointments by e-mail.

Email usarmy.bavaria.id-europe.mbx.grafenwoehr-vehicle-registration@mail.mil or call DSN 314-475-6752 or +49(0)9641-83-6752. Appointments for all three sites (Graf/Vilseck, Garmisch and Hohenfels) are handled by the Tower Barracks Vehicle Registration office.

The office is not talking walk-in appointments.

Highlights from 25 May Garrison Town Hall (May 25, 2020)
USAG Bavaria Public Affairs

- There is no date for Child Care to resume yet.
- If you are interested in becoming a Family Child Care (FCC) provider, call DSN 526-9030, CIV 09641-70-526-9030, or go to https://grafenwoehr.armymwr.com/programs/childcare for more information.
- You may use your reusable bags in the Commissary.
- Commissary Early Bird hours are paused. The first hour of business is still for high-risk personnel. 
- Children 6 and older must wear a face covering. Children under 6 do not require a face covering.
- Playgrounds on and off-post are open. There are a few parks that are still closed on-post specifically for safety purposes. 
- Heart and Home craft shop will be open soon. We will announce when this becomes available.
- Libraries are open for curbside checkout and drop-offs. They are not yet open for full service.
- The USO is working to open. There is not a date yet for reopening. We will announce when this becomes available.
- Gyms are still closed. We are working on mitigating the risks associated with the gym. We will announce when this becomes available. 
- Outdoor fitness classes are being considered. We will announce when this becomes available.
- The motorcycle orientation training dates for Tower Barracks are April 21, May 19, June 23, July 21, Aug. 25, Sep. 22, Oct. 6. The motorcycle orientation training dates for Hohenfels are May 6, June 3, July 1, Aug. 5, Sept. 2 and Oct. 7.
- Hohenfels Gate 1 & 3 are open. 
- You can make an appointment for Vehicle registration and driver licensing.
- Garage sales on-post are unauthorized.
- The State Department is now processing approximately 2,500 passports per week. Call the passport office to make an appointment.
- There is still a required quarantine period if you are returning to Germany from the U.S.
- For questions regarding orders and MPD, email usarmy.bavaria.imcom-europe.mbx.pao@mail.mil  with your name, rank, unit, and question.
- There are no changes to the June 30 stop move.
- General order 1B is still in effect.
- The 50km restriction still applies to Soldiers.
- The curfew for Soldiers in the barracks still applies. 
- Visitor sign-in is still unauthorized. You can request an ETP through your chain of command.
- MEDDAC-B health clinics now have in-house COVID testing capabilities.
- Health clinics will start phase 1 on June 8. PHA, medical readiness, well-child and well-women appointments, At-risk,and underlying condition appointments will expand. Acute and routine medical care will expand as well. 
- Make an appointment for well-baby/women by calling your health clinic. They are now taking appointments.
- For updates regarding local hospitals, check out the MEDDAC-Bavaria facebook pinned post.
- VA appointments are still paused.
- Thank you to Alexandria Gallegos, a military spouse, who has created and distributed almost 1,000 face coverings to the community.
- Thank you to Dr. Burris for going above and beyond.

Family member travel screening (FMTS): What is staying the same, and what is changing? (May 22, 2020)

Military Community and Family Policy

Service members and their families with assignments to OCONUS locations will soon benefit from standardized family member travel screening forms. With FMTS, all military families regardless of branch of service can be screened at any Military Treatment Facility.

See the infographic HERE...

Host nation medical facilities resume services (May 20, 2020)
MEDDAC-Bavaria Public Affairs

All host nation medical facilities have resumed normal services as of May 18, 2020. Host nation hospitals are updating their social media websites with the most current information. For information related to Amberg Klinikum, Klinik Hallerwiese Nuernberg and Cnopfsche Kinderklinik Nuernberg, Sulzbach-Rosenberg, and Weiden, click HERE...