To read GO1H / Annex A / Tab 1 & 2, visit the 7th Army Training Command COVID-19 webpage, HERE.

USAG Bavaria has implemented protection measures for the health protection of our community. Expect these measures to impact normal day-to-day operations across Grafenwoehr, Vilseck, Hohenfels and Garmisch. Updates will be posted here and at the USAG Bavaria Facebook page. We're updating our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page weekly. Ensure you're registered in the Alert mass notification system.


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SRO COVID-19 Posture Update (Nov. 23, 2021)
7th Army Training Command

We are seeing case numbers rise drastically in the areas surrounding our communities and across Germany. While our Army community in Bavaria remains in a safe posture thanks to high vaccination rates and the personal protective measures taken by our Soldiers, Civilians and Families, the following force health protections measures will be implemented.

Effective 24 November at all U.S. Army installations in Bavaria, all patrons to AAFES and Commissary facilities will need to wear masks regardless of vaccination status. This will also apply to the in-processing centers as well.

Local National employees must also starting 24 November show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test at their place of work, consistent with host nation regulations.

Our medical professionals and Army Health Clinics are working to get booster shots available for all at risk and eligible. For the latest information on dates and times for COVID-19 vaccinations, to include children 5-11 years old and booster, check your Army Health Clinic website:


For links to resources in ensuring you understand COVID-19 host nation regulations in your communities, places you may wish to travel, and COVID-19 policies on our installations in Bavaria, go to

AAFES Mask Policy Update (Nov. 23, 2021)

EFFECTIVE 24 NOV 2021: New host nation ordinance 2G rules apply to the AAFES Barber Shops, Stylique Salons and Nail Salons. In these specific establishments, the 2G rules apply to customers 12 years of age and above. And FFP2 face masks are required for all patrons.
Off-Post 2G Rule Changes due to RKI Numbers (Nov. 19, 2021)
USAG Bavaria Public Affairs

The Bavarian Government met today and following are the new rules that will be effective on Wednesday, Nov. 24:

  1. Contact restrictions for the unvaccinated: 5 people, 2 households, not counting kids under the age of 12 and vaccinated persons
  2. 2G rule extended to body-friendly services (hairdressers, cosmetic studios, etc.); universities; music schools and driving schools
  3. 2G Plus with an extra tests goes into effect at all leisure facilities, trade fairs, cultural and sports events with a maximum occupancy of 25 percent.
  4. Under the 2G rule, restaurants/gastronomy must now close at 2200 hrs.
  5. Bars, clubs and discos will close.
  6. Christmas markets and other markets are cancelled.
  7. Customer restriction for retail stores: 1 person per 10 square meter of space is allowed in.

There is also a hard emergency brake in hotspots: If the incidence in counties exceeds 1000, closings take place instead of 2G.

There are only exceptions for schools, day care centers and retailers with a maximum of one customer per 20 square meters. 

Off-Post 2G Rule Changes due to RKI Numbers (Nov. 8, 2021)
USAG Bavaria Public Affairs

As of 9 November, the Bavaria COVID hospital light has changed to RED due to more than 600 COVID patients in ICU beds.

Basically, this means among other things:
• FFP2 and equivalent masks must be worn
• 2G is in effect where 3G or 3G+ was (only vaccinated or recovered are accepted)

For more information and common questions and answers visit:

Off-Post COVID Changes due to RKI Numbers (Nov. 7, 2021)
USAG Bavaria Public Affairs

As of 7 November, the Bavaria COVID hospital light has changed to YELLOW due to more than 450 COVID patients in ICU beds.

Basically, this means among other things:
• Raising the mask standard on FFP2 and equivalent masks
• 3G+ where 3G used to be (only PCR tests accepted)
• 2G where 3G+ use to be (only vaccinated or recovered)

For more information and common questions and answers visit: