History of the 603rd ASB

Since activation, the 603rd ASB has supported every major training exercise and deployment involving elements of the Combat Aviation Brigade. During Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) III, the 603rd was the first ever Aviation Support Battalion fully deployed to a combat theater. The Battalion's performance in OIF III set records in support that were once thought to be unsurpassable. Yet, the Soldiers standing before you outperformed themselves in support of the surge and Operation Iraqi Freedom V/VI in 2007-2008.

During this recent combat operation, the battalion supported the Combat Aviation Brigade's unprecedented 115,347 combat flight hours. The battalion collectively distributed over ten million gallons of fuel, processed 153,000 Material Release Orders, completed 207 aircraft Phase Maintenance Inspections, distributed 1,654 Short Tons of ammunition, retrograded 450 million dollars of parts and equipment, and drove 72,000 accident and incident free miles while maintaining a 98.6 % Ground Operational Readiness Rate. Additionally, all automation, data processing and signal communications were facilitated by this battalion. The Soldiers of the Brigade also enjoyed over a million meals in the Whirlwind Diner and were kept healthy by the medical staff of the two Falcon Troop Medical Clinics.

The 603rd Aviation Support battalion has once again set records that will be almost impossible to surpass. These records were attained by the leaders and Soldiers standing in front of you and their superlative efforts. The 603rd Aviation Support Battalion has always been and will continue to be ready to support and remind others of its motto. "NO MISSION DENIED!"