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Getting involved in your community has never been easier.


Explore a new career, develop skills, set your own hours, network with other professionals and create opportunities for yourself. If your goal is to help others and have some quality time away from home, volunteering can be most rewarding. Volunteer opportunities offer all levels of positions from educational, accounting, and creative to just plain fun. The Army Volunteer Corps Coordinator (AVCC) will assist you in documenting your volunteer time to enable you to use it on a job application should you choose to do so.

The ACS Army Volunteer Corps AVC Program is the administrative umbrella for all on post volunteering and includes three fields for volunteers to fall under:




  1. STATUTORY POSITIONS: Authorized by federal statue (10 USC 1588) to provide services in certain Department of Defense activities such as Morale Welfare and Recreation (MWR), Family Programs, museums, chaplain, child care, etc. When acting within the scope of their position description, statutory volunteers are provided certain benefits by law. Per AR 608-1 all Statutory Volunteers must register with VMIS or unit/organization, complete a volunteer agreement (DD FORM 2793), and have a position description prior to starting work.
  2. PRIVATE ORGANIZATIONS: Volunteers are part of non-federal entities authorized to operate on the installation such as Hunter Thrift Shop, scouts, Red Cross, Community Marne Club, etc. These organizations contribute to the overall installation mission. Volunteers for private organizations are covered only by those benefits provided by the private organization and are not eligible for any benefits from the Army.
  3. GRATUITOUS SERVICE: Volunteers provide services to organizations not covered under the federal statute, and do so with no expectation of compensation or benefit coverage. Volunteers must sign a gratuitous service agreement. Call 912-767-5058 for more information on Gratuitous Service volunteering.

Call the AVCC for more information at 912-767-5058.
Forms to be printed, filled, and signed and turned into the AVCC for registration

NOTE: If you are registered in VMIS, only DD FORM 2793 must be filled and signed for each
Statutory Position and turned into the unit/organization accepting official and a copy with the AVCC.

DD FORM 2793 - Volunteer Agreement (all volunteers must sign and turn into AVCC)
*Original document must remain with the unit/organization accepting official

DA FORM 4162 - Volunteer Service Record (generated with VMIS registration)

DA FORM 4713 - Volunteer Daily Time Record (generated with VMIS registration)
*Hours worked must be documented and certified by the AVCC

DD FORM 5671 - Parental Permission Slip (Unmarried Family Members the age of 18, must have parental permission)
*Original document must remain with the unit/organization accepting official

Are you tracking?


Don’t forget to log in your hours with the NEW
Department of the Army Volunteer Management Information System (VMIS)

Fort Stewart/Hunter AAF units/organizations are now on line with the new Department of Army Volunteer Management Information System (VMIS) at http://www.myarmyonesource.com/. You may search for volunteer opportunities; log your hours, and document training and awards all on one site. The information travels with you when you PCS or ETS, and provides you with a complete volunteer history whether you’re just tracking your volunteer


Unit/Organization Volunteer Managers Support


Support to pursue the recruitment, training, and retention of Volunteers through the
Installation Volunteer Advisory Council (IVAC) quarterly meeting


The Installation Volunteer Advisory Council (IVAC) is designed to identify volunteer issues in the community, share successful programs, address common problems, and encourage interaction and support among volunteer organizations on Fort Stewart/Hunter AAF community. The IVAC will serve as a resource and networking system for organizations to pursue the recruitment, training, and retention of volunteers.

MEMBERSHIP: Membership in the IVAC is open to:

a. Any Fort Stewart and Hunter AAF Private Organization approved by the Garrison Commander, which employs volunteers.

b. Any program recognized by the U.S. Army, which employs volunteers, IAW Title 10 U.S.C. Section 1588.