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COVID-19 Volunteer Opportunities


(FSGA) Pharmacy, Volunteer Outpatient Pharmacist

In an effort to keep our community safe, volunteeroversees or personally performs outpatient pharmacy functions for the fullrange of pharmaceuticals provided in the medical treatment facility (MTF) toinclude controlled, investigative, highly potent, and other drugs requiringspecial handling. Must have and provide necessary pharmaceutical accreditationand licensure.

(FSGA/HAAF) Army Community Service, Information & Referral Volunteer

Dedicated volunteer will answer phones; direct clients to designated areas in Soldier Family and Transition Assistance Center, Bldg. 4973. Provide information to clients about services at Army Community Service (ACS), Fort Stewart and surrounding areas; organize office; assist with office inventory. The use of a vehicle is not required to perform these duties and is specifically prohibited. Volunteers will be provided with all necessary training and guidance by requesting agency. Volunteer orientation will be provided by the Army Community Service Volunteer Coordinators. 1100-1400 Wednesday - Friday (excluding Federal Holidays), A great way of supporting our military community during a time of need.

American Red Cross (ARC) Service to the Armed Forces: Virtual Volunteer Hero Care Caseworker


- Ensure military families' needs are met whenfaced with an emergency.


- Support the Red Cross mission.

- Maintain strict confidentiality of all casenotes, names and other personal information in accordance with Red Crosspolicies.

- Understand and apply Service to Armed Forces(SAF) policies, procedures and protocols related to Red Cross client servicesconsistently and correctly.

- Support the follow up process to includemaking follow-up calls to military members and/or families to determine iftheir needs are met, provide other follow-up actions as needed for complete andtimely client services.

- Acquire a working knowledge of local, stateand federal resources aiding military members, families and veterans.

- Maintain professionalism and conduct asstated in Red Cross policy.

Time Commitment:

- Varies


- Successful American Red Cross backgroundcheck.

- Complete required national training andlocally developed orientation.

- Able to support Red Cross SAF mission; havean awareness of and appreciation for military culture, military families, andveterans' issues.

- Demonstrated ability to treat people withrespect under all circumstances and instill trust in others while upholding thevalues and principles of the American Red Cross.

- Ability to apply active listening skills andemploy reasoning and questioning strategies to capture, analyze, and interpretinformation from clients, staff, and management.

- Good computer skills to include use ofInternet search tools; Intranet; and Microsoft Office Suite, to includeOutlook, word-processing, database and/or spreadsheet applications.

- Effective interviewing skills, a soundknowledge of telephone and in-person etiquette, pleasant and friendly manners respectfulof human dignity.

- Ability to work with or without supervision.

- Effective verbal and written communicationskills.

- Good customer service skills and the abilityto work well with others.

- Willingness to gain knowledge of communityresources.

- Able to work with culturally diversepopulations.

American Red Cross (ARC) Blood Drive Screener


- Provide excellent customer service to enhancethe blood donor experience, executing donor temperature screening on potentialdonors prior to their entry into the blood drive. This position serves as gatekeeper byproviding additional screening the American Red Cross has implemented in theinterest of the safety of the blood supply, recipients, other donors, staff,volunteers and general public health regarding COVID-2019 outbreaks.


- This position and Temp-taking screeningstation is part of additional screening the American Red Cross has implementedin the interest of the safety of the blood supply, recipients, other donors,staff, volunteers and general public health regarding COVID-2019 outbreaks.

- Greet donors and model excellent customerservice behaviors. Manage donor flow attemp taking station to ensure only donors passing temp screen are permittedaccess.

- Explain purpose of the temperature screen todonors and ensure they understand the reason for deferral if applicable. Direct donor to next step of donation oroptions for future donations if deferred.

Blood Donor Screeners will use thefollowing supplies:

- Thermometer and probe covers, if applicable

- Trash basket

- Gloves

- Hand sanitizer

- Sani-cloths or Cavi-cide

- Wear gloves at all times and change thembetween each donor.

- Use a new probe cover on an electronicthermometer or a new disposable thermometer for each donor.

- Will not repeat temperatures for any reason.

- Will insert the thermometer into the donor'smouth, hold the probe, read the temperature and discard the probe cover or thedisposable thermometer.

- Check to see if the donor's temperature isacceptable.

- Advise the donor if above 99.5 degrees F todefer from donating on current day.

- Will clean the electronic thermometer, probeand probe wiring between each person with Sani-cloth or Cavi-cide.

Time Commitment:

- Varies


- Must be 18 years of age or older, noexceptions.

- Ability to display the utmost professionalismand communication skills using diplomacy and tact.

- Extremely comfortable working with peoplefrom diverse communities and backgrounds.

- Ability to understand technology needed forposition.

- Comfortable taking temperatures andexplaining processes.

Camp Host, Outdoor Rec AVC


Six months to a year, this is a requirement and volunteer should be able to stay the duration if not longer as long as the service is met.

Daily duties include but not limited to:

- Must be able to work in all weather conditions (Hot and Humid/Cold and Rainy).

- Checking in after-hours customers and collecting fees.

- Must be able to lift at least 50 pounds

- Equipment Issue

- Have good problem solving skills.

Additional duties to be explained once accepted.

The use of a vehicle is not required to perform these duties and is specifically prohibited.

Credential or License Required




Involves working with children or youth on a regular basis. Volunteers working with children or youth on a regular basis must have a completed background check (Installation Records Check IRC and CID check; local nationals must also have a local government check).




To be conducted by LCAC personnel, Director and or Lead upon acceptance into the position.

Time Required

Daily at least 4 hours to include some on the weekends if needed.

Front Desk Receptionist, Bldg. 253

Volunteer Front DeskReceptionist

Greetcustomers, answer phones and provide building directory assistance as aVolunteer Front Desk Receptionist at the main entrance of the Audie MurphySoldier Service Center (SSC) Bldg. 253.

Pastexperience shows we service about an average of 400 walk-in customers and 20 to50 phone directory assistance calls per day, as well as providing ID Cardchecks for all customers for the building (6,000 to 8,000 per week).

The use of a vehicle is not required to perform theseduties and is specifically prohibited.

Volunteer must be an ID card holder.

Volunteers will be provided with all necessary training and guidance by requesting agency.

Volunteer orientation will be provided by the Army Community Service Volunteer Coordinators.

0800 to1630 Monday - Friday (excluding Federal Holidays)

A great way of supporting our military community during a time of need.

Audie Murphy Soldier Service Center, Bldg. 253

Fort Stewart, Georgia 31314

School Nurse (DoDEA)

Weare recruiting for a qualified Nurse to support the DODEA schools. Thisis a special request and all applicants will be screened for qualifications andprocessed by the local American Red Cross Station Director Ms. VictoriaThompson. If you interested or have additional questions concerning thisposition, please contact Ms. Thompson at (912) 271-5433

(FSGA) USO Center Representative Volunteer

Position Description

The Center Representative Volunteer will assist withday-to-day operations, programs, events, and activities of a USO center.


• Commitment to our mission to strengthen America’s militaryservice members by keeping them connected to family, home and country,throughout their service to the nation

• Friendly, outgoing, and kind demeanor to people of allbackgrounds

• Strong interpersonal, customer service, andproblem-solving skills

• Sound sense of judgment and sensitivity to handle anycontroversial or confidential situations

• Enthusiasm to work as a team

• Must be punctual, organized and self-motivated, with theability to quickly and easily adapt to changing needs of USO Operations.

• Willingness to learn basic operating knowledge ofcomputers and gaming equipment such as: Volunteers.USO.org, Xbox, PlayStationand Wii.

• Ability to obtain and maintain proper credentialsnecessary to access USO Center locations and facilities including but notlimited to security, credit and/or background screening.

• Ability to lift and carry up to 25 pounds.

• Ability to stand, walk, bend, and lift for extendedperiods of time

Volunteer Duties

• Greet, welcome, orient, and assist guests

• Monitor and maintain food and supplies

• Tidy and clean the center which can include trash removaland bathroom cleaning

• Answer visitor’s questions about the USO and thesurrounding community

• Practice safe food handling and storage practices.

• Assist with usage of computers, gaming equipment,telephones, or other offerings

• Help conduct events and programs in the center such as: UnitedThrough Reading’s Military Program, Welcome Homes, and holiday celebrations

• Document hours volunteered in Volunteers.USO.org

• Other duties as assigned

(FSGA) USO Group or Special Events Youth Volunteer


Opportunity Title

Group or Special Events Youth Volunteer

Effective Date 02/2014

General Summary This position may provide direct customerservice to the USO’s key constituents: our nation’s troops and their families.Minor volunteers operating in a Group or Special Event position must be atleast 10 years of age and accompanied by a parent, legal guardian orUSO-approved group chaperones at all times. These volunteers are expected toserve the entirety of their volunteer shifts and perform the duties outlined inthis job description.

Required Documentation A parent or legal guardian must signa Release and Waiver of Liability. Additionally, the USO-approved groupchaperones must sign an Acknowledgement of Receipt of the USO Code of Conductfor Adults Working with Minors and this job description.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

Be a welcoming, friendly face to our military and theirfamilies

Replenish beverages or food as needed

Assist with cleanup of facilities and/or supplies

Assemble care packages or other mailings

Opportunity Specifications - Knowledge, Skills, Abilities andBehaviors necessary to perform the opportunity competently.

• Ability to interact with USO Leadership, the generalpublic and military audiences at a variety of levels with a happy demeanor andpoliteness

• General knowledge of safe food handling where applicable

• Must be able to be task oriented to follow through with aproject to completion

• Ability to work collaboratively in a team environment

• Must understand and support the USO’s mission to lift thespirits of our military and their families

• Minor volunteers are not to handle cash, go into storagerooms or other areas away from public view, use sharp objects including but notlimited to box cutters, or operate any type of heating element such as hotplates or stovetops.

• Minor volunteers are to follow all requirements of the USOWaiver of Liability in addition to this job description.

(FSGA) USO Volunteer Social Media Assistant

Volunteer Social Media Assistant Position Description

General Summary The Volunteer Social Media Assistant willassist staff members with managing his or her center’s social media, which caninclude Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, the center’s website, or other socialmedia platforms.


• Must be proficient with social media managementunderstanding brevity, hashtags, and trending topics

• Only permissible Facebook Admin Role for a volunteer is“Content Creator”

• Commitment to keep login credentials private, and notshare logins with anyone

• Log hours worked as Volunteer Social Media Assistant undera position titled, Volunteer Social Media Assistant

• Understand that all communication on USO social media isto be for business, not personal use

• Abide by the USO Volunteer Standards of Conduct including:not promoting personal views including politics and religious beliefs, guardingthe USO brand, and representing the USO with integrity, not posting any lewdlanguage, inappropriate comments, or photos with provocative attire

• Understand that while assigned to manage the center’ssocial media, volunteers must still attain permission to communicate withtraditional media including news organizations.

• Willingness to uphold USO policy which prohibits fromposting any content that discriminates on race, color, religion, sexualorientation, gender, national origin, age, veteran status, or condition ofdisability.

Volunteer Duties

• Create new posts, or photo albums on Facebook

• Answer Facebook users’ questions and comments

• Post pictures to Instagram

• Create tweets and retweets

• Update center website content

• Other duties as assigned

Hunter Club (HAAF)

General Summary: : The volunteer will be supporting the America’s 2nd Harvest Kids Café at Hunter Army Airfield where they will serve children a pre-packaged daily meal. Individuals may serve daily or sign up for select days of the week based on their availability. Dates/times of need: June 5 - July 30 from 11:00 am - 1:30 pm.


• The volunteer will be required to attend a 30 min training session (online) where they will learn responsibilities for administrative paperwork, food distribution, and records keeping to comply with program compliance directed by USDA.

• Able to present a caring and respectful manner to all people regardless of race, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender, national origin, and age

• Have strong interpersonal, customer service and problem-solving skills

• Be punctual, organized and self-motivated, with the ability to quickly and easily adapt to the changing needs of the organization.

• Ability to treat guests, other volunteers and staff with respect and professionalism

• Ability to maintain a good working and communications relationship with staff

Volunteer Food Drives (HAAF)

The Volunteer CommunityGeneral Supporter will assist with various installation events i.e. FoodDrives, Check Points, Review and Collect Documents, Set-Up and Tear down ofUSAG, HAAF community events.


· Volunteersmust be able to bend, lift and carry approximately 15lbs-20lbs or more.


· Volunteerswill help pack vehicles with boxes filled with various food items while driversremain in their vehicles as they are ground-guided thru the pick-up line.

· Controlcheck-points

· Reviewand Collect completed documents

· Set-upand tear down of various events for the HAAF Military Community

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