Helping Army Families to Build Strong Bonds



Our mission is to provide services to support readiness of Soldiers and their Families to promote self-reliance, resiliency, and stability.

We are dedicated to preventing spouse and child abuse through education, prompt reporting, investigation, intervention and treatment.

When can my children be left alone? When can they be left alone in the car?

Training Information

Commanders Training

  1. Commander/ 1SGT Desk Side Training. This is a one our training about the Family Advocacy Program.The Desk side brief is a mandatory training required forall senior leaders assuming command 45 days prior or 45 days after assumption ofcommand per AR-608-18.
  2. Incident Determination Committee(IDC). All Company, Troop, Battery Commanders and First Sergeants must complete the IDC online training using the following website. Submit certificates to the Medical Treatment Facility/Family Advocacy Program Clinic (MTF/FAP-C). The quiz must be completed to obtain the certificate.

Mandatory Training for Soldiers

A one hour annual troop training on domestic violence and child abuse prevention, recognizing, and reporting. This is a mandatory training per AR608-18 every calendar year and and this training is subject to inspection on the M.I.P (Marne Inspection Program)


  • FRAGO 180 (Incident Determination Committee (IDC) Requirements
  • FRAGO 181(Family Advocacy Program (FAP) Commander’s Desk Side Brief and Annual Domestic Violence/Child Abuse Troop Training Requirements)

FAP Regulation

Want more information?

Check out AR 608-18!