Whether you live on Fort Stewart (FS), Hunter Army Airfield (HAAF), or in a nearby community, we want you to have a better appreciation and understanding of the sounds you may hear in the distance from time-to-time. Every day Soldiers from FS/HAAF defend our country from locations across the globe, and the training they receive here ensures they have the skills necessary to overcome any obstacles they encounter. Live, realistic training provides Soldiers with hands-on experience in firing and handling weapons and ammunition, flying aircraft, and operating armored vehicles under combat-like conditions. Furthermore, Soldiers must be able to perform as proficiently at night as they do in the daytime, which requires both daytime and nighttime training. Proficiency only comes from training and when it comes to military equipment and munitions, training often generates noise.

FS/HAAF’s Operational Noise Program strives to protect the Installation’s mission as well as the quality of life for those living in neighboring communities. The Program analyzes noise associated with military operations and provides land use guidelines designed to help achieve compatibility between the noise generated by combat training and the surrounding communities.

Military training operations often produce noise. While we do everything within our power to minimize the impact this noise has on our neighbors, we are not able to eliminate it completely and still fulfill our mission. For this reason, we ask for your patience and understanding as we work to ensure that our Soldiers are fully equipped to defend our nation.

The FS/HAAF Public Affairs Office maintains a Noise Reporting Hotline for anyone wishing to report a noise event. 

Noise Complaint Reporting

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Phone Button.png              Noise Reporting Hotline

                 (912) 435-9879


Noise from FS/HAAF is generated by weapons firing and/or aircraft operations. The skills acquired through these training maneuvers are vital to Soldier readiness.