Chaplain's Corner

Maj. Kevin E. Nagy
Winn ACH Chaplain


Bitcoin has been a hot topic in the news recently. Cryptocurrency, a digital currency maintained by a decentralized system rather than a centralized authority, has quickly become a popular way for individuals to invest.
To me, digital currency sounds like someone trying to describe baseball to people who have never played sports before— explaining a fly ball or what it means to make it home safe.
What if we sought out faith in the same way as those looking to increase their wealth?
According to Matthew 13:45, “The Kingdom of God is like a merchant seeking fine pearls, upon finding one pearl, he sold all he had and bought it.” 
The interesting thing is that we don’t have to go on an adventure or an excavation to find the Kingdom of God. Depending on who or what you put your faith in, your higher power just knows.
In Psalm 139, your “rising and laying down; if you go to the heavens or to the depths, He is there; before every word is on your tongue, He knows them completely. Isn’t this concept too wonderful, too high for us to attain?”
Maybe it’s too crazy to contemplate that our higher power is not only present with our thoughts but omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent.
If our faith is important to us, then we should do everything in our strength to discover who that higher power is and who we should be in response.