Security Clearance

Station 1

At this station you will:

You must contact your unit S2, Unit Security Manager or Unit Security Office to find out.

If your S2 says "Yes" and you need a new clearance, complete the SF86.





Station 2

At this station you will:

  • Update your DD 93 and SGLV
  • Renew or reset ID Cards (if needed)
  • Receive ID Tags (if needed)

Fill out a MPD Form 506-E.

Make sure the 506-E is signed by an E-6 or above.

Bring 2 unexpired forms of ID: One must be state or government-issued photo ID. Acceptable examples Include driver's license, passport, or Social Security card.

To enroll a step child bring

  • the original or certified copy of the marriage certificate
  • the child's original birth certificate
  • the child's social security card

To enroll your child bring

  • The child's birth certificate
  • The child's social security card


  • Once completed,send the DD Form 137-3 to the Defense Finance and Accounting Service; either by mail, fax, or electronically. If approved, DFAS will send you back a Determination Letter and a DD Form 1172-2.


  • Bring those two forms in addition to the parent's birth certificate, photo ID and social security card (If a US Citizen). We have to show the connection between parent and child so we also need the birth certificate of the child (Who is now the sponsor) of the parents we are enrolling. (Don't forget to bring your parents.)

Bring these items with you to Mower:

a.Marriage certificate

b.Spouse’s birth certificate

c.Spouse’s Social Security card

d.Spouse’s photo ID

Bring these items with you to Mower:

a. Letter from DFAS letter of approval

b. Court document placing the child in the member's household for one year or more

c. Birth certificate

d. Social Security card

Processes for enrolling children born out of wedlock are different for Male and Female Soldiers.

Child Born out of Wedlock (Female Sponsors) bring:

a. Birth certificate

b. Social Security card

Child Born out of Wedlock (Male Sponsors) bring:

a. Birth certificate

b. Social Security card

c. Court order establishing paternity or a State Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity form


  • Letter from the school's registrar's office stating they are enrolled full time in an accredited college in pursuit of an Associate's Degree or higher to have benefits extended to age 23
  • Two forms of ID cards.

  • Student cannot be married or eligible for employer-sponsored health insurance
  • Once enrolled in TRICARE Young Adult, you are eligible for an ID card.
  • Must have two valid forms of ID and proof of enrollment in TRICARE Young Adult
  • Note: All documents must be translated in English, original or certified.


Names, physical addresses, and phone numbers for ALL family members (spouse, children, father, mother, brother, sister)

Your Individual Mobilization Orders

Have this information for your ID tags:

Your DoD ID Number (on CAC or in AKO)

Your Blood Type

Your Religious Preference

Update your SGLV 8286 online HERE (CAC Login Required)

Need help with your SGLV? Watch the YouTube Video or download the Step-by-Step Guide!


Station 3

At this station you will:

  • Receive a medical threat brief & health benefits brief
  • Receive a hearing brief & be supplied hearing protection
  • Receive medical evaluation and records review
  • Receive updated vision and hearing screenings
  • Receive deployment-required immunizations

If you have a hearing profile or a change in your hearing, please click HERE to find out what documentation you need to bring with you to SRP.

If you need a hearing aid, you must bring a 6-month supply of spare batteries.


See this TRICARE BOOKLET for information on filling prescriptions before deployment.

If you currently take prescription medications, please complete THIS FORM and bring 2 copies of it with you to SRP.

If you have a chronic condition, you must bring relevant documentation to SRP.

Examples of chronic conditions include:

  • Asthma
  • Tuberculosis
  • High blood pressure
  • Recent surgeries
  • Sleep apnea
  • Psychiatric disorders
  • Traumatic brain injury

If you wear glasses, you must bring:

  • 2 pairs of glasses
  • One pair of eye-protection inserts
  • One pair of protective mask inserts

to complete SRP.


Complete a Pre-Deployment Health Assessment (CAC Login Required)

Complete the Pharmacy Deployment Rx Form (Do not complete the physician portion)

Bring the following:



Station 4

At this station you will:

  • Receive wills and powers of attorney (if needed)
  • Receive a Service Members Civil Relief Act Brief
  • Receive the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Act Brief

For more information, please visit the Legal Assistance Office page.


You will be appointing a beneficiary. In order to make sure that beneficiary is properly documented, you must provide:

  • Their full name and address
  • Their social security number
  • If your beneficiary is a minor, you must provide their birth certficate

If you are making a Power of Attorney for something specific (i.e. a car or home) you must provide documentation. Examples include:

  • VINs for vehicle
  • Address of home
  • Bank account numbers


Station 5

At this station, you will:

  • Submit your mobilization orders and ammendments
  • Update marriage, divorce, and birth certificates
  • Update your proof of support (for non-custodial parents)


Complete leave documents if requesting leave to be carried forward from previous tour

Update your DA 5960 Basic Allowance for Housing

Army Community Service

Station 6

At this station you will:

  • Receive financial counseling
  • Apply for Army Emergency Relief (if needed)
  • Enroll a family member in EFMP (if needed)

AER provides Soldiers and their Families assistance for a wide variety of financial situations with no interest or fees. Click HERE to learn more.

Exceptional Family Member Program. Click HERE to learn more.


There are no required documents for Station 6.


Station 7

At this station you will:

  • Receive a dental readiness screening


There are no required documents for Station 7.

Religious Services

Station 8

At this station you will:

  • Receive information on religious and personal counseling services
  • Complete a Pre-Deployment Behavioral Health Screening




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