Register your personally owned firearm!

First, download the Registration of Personnel Firearms Form FM2027 and complete it.

Second, download the Qualification to Possess Firearms or Ammunition DD Form 2760 and complete it.

Third, The Soldiers - Family Members must have the form FM 2027 signed by their Commander, along with their DD Form 2760 and submit with a copy of counseling form on weapons safety signed by the Commander along with a copy of the Commander’s Assumption of Command Orders. 

Finally, the Firearms Registration Forms can be dropped off at the Fort Stewart Visitor Control Center at Main Gate.

The Weapon Registration Clerk from Fort Stewart or Hunter Army Airfield will call you at the phone number supplied on the registration form to let you know when your form has been processed.

For more information see Command Policy Letter Number 14 - Privarely Owned Weapons (POW) Registeration requirements. (See Right Sidebar)

It's that easy! Your Physical Security Division thanks you for being a responsible weapons owner.

State Carry Act Does Not Apply on Post

The recently passed Georgia Constitutional Carry Act does not apply to Fort Stewart-Hunter Army Airfield or any Army installation in Georgia. Per Army Regulation 190-11, the carrying of privately owned weapons and ammunition is prohibited on post unless authorized by the Senior Commander. Also, the carrying of a concealed weapon on the installation is prohibited regardless of whether a state or county permit has been obtained. For questions about the regulation or how to register personally owned weapons on post, call the Directorate of Emergency Services at 767-2285.
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