Military Police Patrols are responsible for enforcing all laws, regulations and policies; deterring crime through alert patrolling; responding to calls for assistance; assisting stranded motorists; and promoting a positive image of Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield.

The Military Police Desk is responsible for receiving, coordinating and dispatching all non-emergency responders to an incident on FSGA/HAAF. The Military Police Desk also assists individuals with general information requests.

The Military Police Operations section is responsible for the daily operations of law enforcement patrols, emergency response dispatching and the Military Police station. These functions include:



Drivers Privilege Suspension

Download the Restricted Installation Driving Privileges Packet


The privilege of driving on Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield is subject to either administrative suspension or revocation for cause by the Installation Commander.

Suspension and revocation actions are based on the commission of serious moving traffic violations, or the failure to appear as directed for Magistrate’s Court. Suspension or revocation of installation driving privileges may occur if a person accumulates assessed points in excess of the amounts indicated in AR 190-5, Chapter 5. Privileges will be suspended for up to 60 months for driving while license is suspended or revoked.

Driving privileges will be revoked for a mandatory period of not less than one year in the following circumstances:

  1. If the Installation Commander has determined that the person lawfully apprehended for intoxicated driving refused to submit to or complete a test to measure the alcohol content in the blood, or detect the presence of any other drug, as required by the law of the jurisdiction or installation traffic code.
  2. If a conviction, non-judicial punishment, or a military/civilian administrative action resulted in the suspension or revocation of a driver’s license for intoxicated driving. When temporary suspensions are followed by revocations, computation of the revocation time is prescribed in AR 190-5.
  3. If the Physical Security Vehicle Registration System (VRS) indicates that an individual’s driving privileges have been revoked.
  4. If it is found that the operator has been previously suspended for driving while license is suspended or revoked.

If your driving privileges have been revoked, and you have no other means to and from your place of duty or other basic privileges, you may request restricted driving privileges in order to get to and from these required locations. Fill out the above memorandum, have your commander recommend approval or disapproval and attach assumption of command orders. Once compiled, bring the memo to the FSGA DES police admin offices for filing and processing. You should get a response within 5 to 10 working days.

Remedial Driver's Training

Fort Stewart Location:

Bldg 162, 157 Cavalry Way Phone: (912) 767-7880


Hunter AAF Location:

Bldg 1467, 466 Duncan Drive Phone: (912) 315-4901/5814


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Military Police Records

The Fort Stewart Records Administration Office (ProvostMarshall Office) handles out processing for Fort Stewart Soldiers andCivilian assigned at Fort Stewart.

The Fort Stewart/ Hunter Army Airfield RecordsAdministration office maintains all military police reports, traffic report/citations, and Post Bars and Revocations. Request for police reports must bemade in person.

For the release of all other information, this office isgoverned by applicable Army Regulations/ HQDA Directives, the PrivacyAct of 1974, and Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), which may prevent therelease of some or all of the information requested.

Requests for FOIA must be made by, Fax, Mail, Email, or inperson.

The hours of operation are:

Monday - Thursday: 8:30am to 4pm.

Closed on all Federal and Training Holidays.

For information:

Fort Stewart: (912) 767-2268, Fax: (912) 767-5101

Hunter Army Airfield: (912) 315-5250, Fax: (912)315-6893.

Towing and Impound

Towing on Ft Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield is conducted by the MWR Towing Service. All vehicles will be towed to the MWR storage lot; you can reach them at 912-610-1821.

There may be a fee/cost involved if your vehicle is towed.

  1. Vehicles towed to the vehicle storage lot and picked up within 24 hours from being towed will not be charged a storage fee. Vehicles not removed from the storage lot within 24 hours will be charged a per day rate for storage fees. Please contact the MWR Towing Service to get information.
  2. To pick up a vehicle from the MWR Towing Service you must have a valid driver’s license, valid proof of insurance and registration on the vehicle being picked up. If your on post driving privileges have been suspended, you can have another licensed driver pick up your vehicle after you provide proof of the items listed above.
  3. POVs impounded for evidentiary purposes will be held for as long as a law enforcement purpose exists. Once the vehicle has no evidentiary value, it will be returned to the owner without delay or as directed by competent authority.
  4. POVs impounded for traffic offenses will be released upon final disposition of the case through the magistrate court system or adjudication by the unit commander.

Traffic Violations

Central Violations Bureau

(United States District Court Violation) can be issued to vehicle operators in violation of GA State traffic offenses committed on the installation. Traffic fines range in price from $15 to $200. Violators have the option of paying the collateral fine or appearing in Magistrate Court to dispute the ticket. Violators receiving a mandatory court notice must appear in front of the US Federal Magistrate. The CVB requires a $30 processing fee in addition to the fine for the violation. If you receive a CVB and you have questions about the ticket, you can reach the Central Violations Bureau by phone at 1-800-827-2982, or on the internet at

(Armed Forces Traffic Ticket) can be issued to vehicle operators in violation of installation motor vehicle rules. DD Form 1408 tickets are also issued to operators of government vehicles for violation installation motor vehicle rules. Commanders and Civilian Supervisors are the adjudicating authority on all DD Form 1408. Traffic points will be assessed for all violations of State and installation traffic laws. Accumulation of 12 points within a 12 month period can result in suspension of on post driving privileges.

Military Protective Orders

FOIA request from the Directorate of Emergency Services

FOIA request can be picked up and dropped off at BLDG 283 the Ft Stewart Police Admin Section Monday-Thursday 0830-1600.

They may also be submitted by email to: