The Civilian Personnel Advisory Center provides the personnel administrative needs of the civilian employees of Fort Rucker. We advise managers and employees about recruitment and placement, classification, and human resource development. We also provide counseling on retirement and health benefits and processing, administration of the awards and appraisal programs, leave administration, and disciplinary and adverse actions.

The Labor Relations Officer deals with individual concerns of the employees, such as negotiations with guidance and assistance in the processing of grievance and appeal actions. Department of Defense has consolidated and regionalized the civilian personnel functions. Those processes that could be performed offsite have been moved to the South Central Civilian Personnel Operations Center at the Redstone Arsenal. CPAC monitors the Personnel Process Improvement program that allows managers and administrative personnel access to the personnel records of their assigned employees and electronically request and process personnel actions.

For more information and training on the Hatch Act, the Whistleblower Protection and Prohibited Personnel Practices, visit the U.S. Office of Special Counsel Outreach, Training and Certification website.