• The Multimedia Visual Information Service Center and DA Photo Studio is located in Bldg. 535.
  • Hours of operation for MVISC are 7:30 a.m. - 4:15 p.m., Monday-Friday; photo studio is closed from 11 a.m. - noon.
Points of Contact
Visual Information Manager / COR (Building 550) (334) 255-2620 (DSN 558)
Visual Information Specialist (Quality Assurance) (334) 255-2950 (DSN 558)
DA Studio Photos, Appointments and Cancellations (334) 255-2805/3449 (DSN 558)
Contract Project Manager (334) 255-9770 (DSN 558)

MVISC specialists are here to assist and ensure your receive the best support available.

Please feel free to contact the Visual Information/Quality Assurance Specialist (VIS/QAS) at (334) 255-2950 if you have any questions about MVISC products, services, or submitting your work request into the VIOS system. The VIS/QAS is knowledgeable of all visual information products and services and can efficiently guide you through the process.

Copyrighted Material

The duplication of copyrighted material (e.g. photos or photographic images) is prohibited by law and strictly enforced at MVISC.