1.Organizations: Inclement Weather Update: Date Update Provided:
Installation Service Status Rock Island Arsenal is operating under Health Protection Condition Charlie. FMWR-All closures listed on the local impacdt page, all food service carry-out only.  USO closed. For a complete listing, click here: Local impact

03/18/2020 1230 hrs

USAG-RIA/NEC-RIA/LRC-RIA USAG Rock Island Arsenal is operating under normal business hours. 03/18/2020 1430 hrs
First Army

The HQ is operating under HPCON C posture. Mission essential personnel only are authorized in Bldg 68. Questions to this directive can be address to the First Army Watch team @ 309-782-9001. Due to the recent unrest in the local area, mission essential personnel who normally report to the Headquarters may contact their supervisor and request telework.

06/02/2020 0700

The State of Illinois issued a Stay At Home Order today.  This does not impact ASC's current operating posture.

Army Sustainment Command continues to be mindful of the ever growing concern our world is facing regarding COVID-19.  While executing our global missions, our focus remains on the safety and well-being of our military and civilian workforce.  ASC encourages and supports the need for work life balance flexibilities and advocates for our workforce to practice precautionary measures in response to COVID-19.

To promote social distancing, ASC supervisors are allowing maximum workplace flexibilities for our Soldiers and maximum teleworking for civilians to accomplish duties that can be performed away from the traditional worksite. Contact your supervisor if you have questions.




JMC is allowing maximum telework flexibility. All employees who are telework eligible, and on an approved agreement, are now eligible to work from home, as their mission allows.  Employees that require SIPR communication will need to do that in the office.   All internal unclassified meetings will be set up with call in lines for personnel to connect via teleconference.  Employee not on a telework agreement must report to the duty station, sign a telework agreement, or use leave.




RIA-JMTC is operating under normal business hours at HPCON Charlie. Employees are expected to work their regularly scheduled hours by reporting to work or, if authorized, telework.

Efective Monday, 13 July 2020, until further notice, all employees in administrative areas will be required to wear a face mask when going to or leaving their assigned personal work areas.  This includes anytime an employee leaves their workspace and travels to any other area, including but is not limited to:  other cubicles, offices, conference rooms, hallways,

rest rooms etc.   What this means is put your mask on before you enter the building, and keep on until you get to your office, cubicle, or work space and you are by yourself.

Employees working on the shop floor will remain status quo for now, meaning a face masks are only required on the shop floor if you are unable to maintain 6 feet of social distancing

from others.  However, if you are leaving the shop floor to go to an administrative area within RIA-JMTC, you need to wear a face mask.

High risk employees are authorized administrative leave with proper documentation. Continue to monitor this website, Facebook and use the inclement weather phone line 309-782-0876 for any updates.



CCDC Armaments Center(formerly ARDEC) CCDC Armaments Center is strongly encouraging teleworking for all of our staff until further notice.   Only designated mission essential employees may report to the office with their supervisor's approval.




US Army Corps of Engineers - Rock Island District: USACE-RI continues to execute key and essential functions as determined by USACE to mitigate potential safety hazards, economic loss, and damage to critical infrastructure.  These missions include navigation support, flood risk management, and regional emergency response.  USACE-RI continues to provide command and control of all Corps lock and dam facilities and district offices, and supports FEMA led COVID-19 response operations as directed.

03/27/2020 1330

CHRA is directing telework for those on telework eligible positions. Employees not coded as Mission Essential should not enter the installation.

Employees not in a telework eligible position will be granted Weather and Safety Leave.

06/15/2020  1000
CCDC Chemical Biological Center (formerly ECBC)

CCDC CBC-Rock Island is operating under normal business hours.  Maximum telework has been authorized to all employees until further notice.  Supervisory approval is required prior to any employee coming in to work at the office.  Contact your supervisor for more informarion.

04/28/2020 1200


ACC-RI is fully operational and has maximized the use of telework through 18 July 2020 to ensure the safety of the workforce.  Employees should contact their supervisor to discuss the options of telework, reporting to work at RIA, or use of personal leave

06/11/2020     1500


PX hours effective 1 April 2020 are:

Monday- Friday 0900-1700hrs

Saturday 1100-1500

Sunday closed.

To protect our valued customers and associates from the spread of COVID-19, Treasury Operations asks that all facilities worldwide modify point-of-sale procedures to a non-cash environment. This includes limiting cash-back and check cashing wherever possible for an indefinite period of time. Limiting the manual handling of cash and coin currency will make our point-of-sale areas more sanitary and further reduce risk. 

Alternative payment methods include:

* Bank-issued debit and credit cards

* Exchange gift cards (recommend for customers who primarily use cash)


03/30/2020 1330 hrs
Commissary 100-percent ID card check, no visitors can enter. Customers must scan their own ID cards, cashiers will not handle them. Early-bird shopping suspended to allow cleaning and restocking. Limits on some items to prevent resale or hoarding. 03/18/2020 1400 hrs
RIA Health Clinic
The following modifications will remain in effect through April 10, 2020, and may be extended depending on Health Protection Condition status.
-  COVID-19 Testing is not available at the RIA Health Clinic.  If you are experiencing the symptoms of fever, dry cough, fatigue, and/or shortness of breath please call the Health Clinic Front Desk at 309-782-0805 and you will be directed on the next course of action (i.e. come to the RIAHC to be seen or directed to an Urgent Care/ER for further evaluation).
-  Main Clinic Entrance is only point of entry.  Everyone entering the Clinic will undergo screening and patients will be given a mask by a healthcare professional if indicated or required. 
The Pharmacy will remain open from 0730 to 1200.  They will close from 1200-1300 and then re-open from 1300-1630.
The following changes are currently in effect:
-  The clinic will see acute (same-day) appointments only for illness or injuries.
-  There will be no routine appointments for chronic (recurring) conditions or follow-up appointments.
-  For Retirement Physicals, if the service member is in their 90-day window, they can contact the Clinic and they will try to accommodate with an appointment.
-  All other physicals will need to be rescheduled and/or postponed (i.e. Flight Physicals, Airborne Physicals, Occupational Medicine Physicals, Sports physicals etc.).
-  There will be no Periodic Health Assessments (PHA) or Pre-operative physicals.
-  There will be no Well Child Visits.
02/14/2020 0800 hrs

ACC-RI is operating under normal business conditionsACC-RI is operating under normal business conditionsACC-RI is operating under normal business conditionsACC-RI is operating under normal business conditionsACC-RI is operating under normal business conditionsACC-RI is operating under normal business conditions