Firearm(s) Registration – Your firearms can be registered at the Marvin Leath Visitor Welcome Center 7 days a week from 0500-2100 hours or you can complete a temporary registration at the Main Gate afterhours.  All personnel (military or civilian) who live on the installation or will possess, transport, or carry a firearm on the installation at any time must register with the Directorate of Emergency Services (DES) as per III Corps & Fort Hood Regulation 190-11. Firearms will be registered under the owner’s information. If the owner is a Family member, the weapon will be registered under their information and the sponsor’s. All Soldiers residing on the installation are required to obtain their unit commander's approval to register privately-owned firearms. Newly assigned Soldiers in possession of assignment orders must receive a temporary weapons registration with the expiration lasting through the in-processing phase prior to traveling onto post with the firearm. Soldiers that purchase a firearm must receive a temporary weapons registration (not to exceed 5 working days), pending their commander's approval. Once the Commander has signed the weapon registration form the Soldier will return to the MLVWC, or the Fort Hood Police station for permanent registration. You can download Fort Hood Form 190-19 (Privately-Owned Firearms Registration) and Fort Hood Regulation 190-11 below.

Weapons are prohibited in these facilities except for Law Enforcement and Department of the Army Security Guards personnel performing their duties.

All personnel bringing a Privately Owned Firearm (POF) on Fort Hood must enter through an Access Control Point (ACP), declare that they are bringing a POF on post, state the reason for bringing the POF and present the DES Stamped POF Registration Form to the ACP personnel. Personnel must also declare possession of firearms to officials upon being directed to an ACP inspection area, being stopped by law enforcement officials, or for any other checkpoint or inspection operation.