Installation Safety Office


Serves as the principal safety and occupational health program manager for the Fort Hamilton community. Establishes and implements plans, policies, and procedures for conducting a comprehensive safety and occupational health program on the installation.


To create an organizational culture in which safety awareness, application of Risk Management processes, and adherence to standards are synonymous with caring for Soldiers, Civilians, and Families of the For Hamilton community.


The ISO provides a comprehensive safety program consisting of all required or mission-dictated Army Safety Program Management Elements identified within Table 1-1 of AR 385-10.  The ISO can provide installation safety support in the following areas:

  • SOH Program Management / Administration
  • Accident Reporting / Mishap Investigations
  • Off-Duty / Recreational Safety
  • Safety Awareness / Promotions / Campaigns
  • Hazard Reporting, Tracking, Countermeasure Development
  • Risk Management / Assessments
  • OSHA / DoD / Army SOH Compliance
  • Standard Army Safety and Occupational Health Workplace Inspections


All personnel (service members and civilians) who operate a motorcycle and/or scooter are required to complete Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) or State-approved curriculum certification for motorcycle operator’s safety training, maintain appropriate state registration/inspection documentation, and be properly licensed/endorsed.

All motorcycle riders are required to wear DOT-approved helmets, long pants, long sleeves, full fingered gloves, eye protection, and over-the-ankle footwear when riding on the installation.  A retroreflective or high-visibility vest/belt is not a requirement, but is highly encouraged!