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  • Wednesday July 24, the FSS Shuttle will begin providing a comprehensive, metro-style shuttle transportation system for members across the McGuire-Dix area of operation at JB MDL, with future expansion to Lakehurst.

         The FSS Shuttle will provide a safe and enjoyable ride to DoD ID cardholders, ages 16 and up, free of charge.

        More details including route map and schedule will be available at www.gomdl.com by this Friday. You can get a preview now on the JB MDL app under the "Services" tab in the "Base Services" section or click here for more information.
  • Dix lauches new training request 

    Effective 1 Nov 18 there are new ASA Ft Dix Scheduling Procedures using ASA Ft Dix Training Request Form 2203. The Joint Mission Management System (JMMS) along with the current Training and Range webpages on the public facing home page at www.dix.army.mil site.


    ASA Ft Dix Form 2203 is available on this page from the Directorates/Training Management Division menu, on the Training Management Division webpage, and in the Ft Dix Range Facilities Management System (RFMSS) Library. Training requests will only be accepted via the use of Ft Dix Form 2203.
    Call Training Management Division, 609-562-2001 if you have any questions.

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Watch how 2nd Battalion, 325th Airborne Infantry Regiment soldiers train for cold weather environments at USASA, Fort Dix.