The Service Culture Campaign is a sustained readiness plan  launched by the U.S. Army Installation Management Command in 2017 to develop a highly effective IMCOM Team capable of supporting installation senior commanders and Army readiness requirements..

The SCC is built upon the premise that excellence in customer service is a byproduct of how employees are treated.  Therefore, the SCC aims to establish an environment where employees have engaged leaders, feel valued, are loyal to the organization, and treat each other with dignity and respect.

The campaign instills a culture of service excellence through leader and workforce engagement; on-boarding programs that welcome and integrate newly assigned Soldiers and civilians to IMCOM; employee recognition programs that effectively further Army mission, goals and values; and standardized customer service training implemented enterprise-wide.

IMCOM is ensuring that the foundations of service excellence are understood and applied at all echelons of the organization emphasizing junior leaders, first-line supervisors, and front-door service providers.

At present, IMCOM organizations are assessing and revamping existing efforts associated with service excellence, leadership, communications, on-boarding, recognition, and integrating service culture principles into strategic plans.