The ALERT! Mass Warning Notification System notifies service members, civilians and their families during a crisis. ALERT! operators can issue alerts in the event of an active shooter, inclement weather or any other event requiring immediate notification. All U.S. Army personnel stationed at or on assignment in Europe are required to register.

For detailed instructions on how to register for ALERT! See PDF below or click here download the ALERT! Mass Warning Notification System registration PDF.

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ALERT! is a mass-warning notification system that sends registered users emergency warnings and other critical information, such as hazardous road conditions, reporting delays, and base closures due to severe weather. The notifications are mostly local but may also be theater-wide.

The system can notify users in several ways: an email to work and home addresses, a text message to their cell phone, and a voicemail to their work, home and cell phones.

Keep your information up to date. If you move to a new office or get a new personal cell number, make sure to go into ALERT! and provide your current information. It is effective in reaching community members with critical messages in real time, but its success depends on users’ input.

ALERT! is NOT optional. It is a Headquarters Department of the Army requirement to be a registered user.

All U.S. and non-U.S. military, civilian (all categories) and contractor personnel whose normal place of duty is on an Army garrison, installation, community, forward site and/or facility must register in ALERT! Users may also add their family members' contact information to their user profiles.

If you are on a Department of Defense network computer, VISIT THE ALERT! WEBSITE (recommend Google Chrome or Firefox with email certificate to authenticate). For U.S. Army employees, click on the Blue Circle icon on your desktop computer to access ALERT! self-registration.

You must add at least one valid, internationally formatted (+48-123456789) telephone number.You may add up to 10 phone numbers and email addresses into the system. Please do not enter DSN numbers.

Under Associations, search for "USAG-Black Sea" to find a list of sites you can select for notification.