DSN 590-3888, CIV 06371-9464-3888

Rose Barracks, Bldg. 222

Hours of Operation:

M: 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. & 12 p.m. to 3 p.m.

Tue, Wed, Fr: 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. & 12 p.m. to 3 p.m.

Closed Thursday, Training Holidays and U.S. Federal Holidays.
Closed the last working day of the month for inventory.

Hours subject to change due to mission requirements or inclement weather.


DSN 590-3470, CIV 06371-9464-3470

Hohenfels, Bldg. 746

Hours of Operation:

Reception: M - W & F: 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.


Please call to make an appointment.



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U.S. Army Garrison Bavaria Vilseck Veterinary Treatment Facilities are professionally staffed by Army Veterinary Corps personnel with the primary mission of providing complete veterinary care for all government-owned animals. Our staff offers several routine services and limited emergency care to the pets of military families. Due to our limited manpower and resources, most veterinary emergency cases are best served through a full-service civilian veterinary hospital.
All pets living on post or in government-leased must be registered with the VTF upon arrival or within 14 days of adoption. Appointments are not necessary. Bring the pet’s medical and administrative records, if applicable.
The Housing Office may have restrictions on the number or breeds of pets allowed to live in on-post housing. For more, contact the Housing Office.


  • Preventative Veterinary Services (wellness exams, immunizations, deworming)
  • Health Certificates for International Travel
  • Sick-Call Examination & Medical Treatment — Limited
  • Elective Surgical Procedures (spays, neuters, dental cleanings) — Temporarily Unavailable

Pet owners must present a DOD ID or privilege card (DD Form 1137) to have access to on-post veterinary services. Eligibility for veterinary care is based on the owner’s eligibility to receive medical care. Family members must be at least 18 years old to request veterinary services.

We strongly recommend that clients develop a client-patient relationship with a local off-post veterinarian, as the VTF cannot provide overnight hospitalization or emergency care. Appointments are usually not available for acute medical conditions. A list of off-post veterinarians is available here and for pick-up at the Vilseck VTF.


The Vet Clinics do not offer walk-in services at this time. Appointments must be scheduled over the phone or in person. Schedules are available two weeks before the start of the next month. Please keep your pet a leash or in a carrier while waiting in the clinic.

Veterinary Treatment Fees

Veterinary services and products are provided for a fee. All fees and charges are used to maintain the facilities as non-profit, self-sustaining operations and to cover non-appropriated fund operating costs. Additionally, U.S. Army egulation requires each transaction to include a $2.00 administrative fee, paid directly to the U.S. Treasury.

Visa, MasterCard, Discover are accepted as payments. Cash, checks, and money orders are not an acceptable form of payment. Services and medication are non-refundable. Payment is due upon delivery of veterinary service.

PCSing or Transfer of Ownership

Pet owners are required to clear pets through the VTF prior to PCS travel. Bring documents, such as health certificates, administrative paperwork, and ownership transfer or deceased animal letters to the clinic. If owners are unable to provide evidence as to the whereabouts of the pet, a letter from the commander will be required to clear the facility. If you obtain your pet’s health certificate at the Vilseck VTF, you can be cleared at the time of that appointment.

Customers transferring their pet to a new owner must sign a Change of Ownership Letter. Both parties must sign the letter. This removes the previous owner from legal and financial responsibility for the pet. As mentioned before, previous owners will not be able to clear the VTF without proof of ownership transfer.


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Pet-Owners: What you need to know when PCS-ing out of USAG Bavaria

Animal Breeding

Veterinary services will not be provided in support of any commercial operation raising animals for profit, in accordance with Army Regulation 40-905/SECNAVINST 6401.1B/AFI 48-131, Chapter 3-4, paragraph i. This includes pet breeding and the sale of animal offspring.