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    The Department of Defense made changes to Priorities for Child Care (effective Sept. 1, 2020). The intent of these changes is to ensure priority access to child care for military members. To learn how these changes may affect you, view the document here.

    The garrison awaits implementation guidance for these priority changes. Once we receive that guidance, we will notify customers who may be affected by these changes and work within our authorities to support them.

    We ask for your patience and understanding as we await DoD's implementing guidance.

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 DoDEA COVID-19 Operational Guidelines and Protocols (Updated Oct. 15, 2020)

DoDEA-Europe will operate brick-and-mortar schools on a regular full-time schedule, when installations are in Health Protection Conditions Alpha or Bravo.


To learn more about DoDEA Schools & Health Protection Conditions (HPCON), click here.

Additionally, DoDEA offers a Virtual Learning Option for students in kindergarten through grade 12 for the second semester. The enrollment period is from Oct. 15 to Nov. 6 (face to face or virtual). 

Families already in face to face wishing to REMAIN in face to face do not need to re-enroll. Families may choose to remain in their current learning environment (in-person or virtual) or they may choose to transition to a different learning environment (virtual to in-person or in-person to virtual).

Download the DoDEA Virtual School FAQ, here. And download the Second Semester Registration Tip Sheet, here.

Visit the Virtual School K-8 Option website, which is your one source for the most updated and comprehensive virtual school information, here.

You can find specific information about the upcoming school year at the DoDEA Return to School, here.

Submit questions about the virtual learning option to: