The U.S. Army Chaplains Corps is to provide religious support to America's Army. Chaplains advise commanders to ensure the 'free exercise' rights for all Soldiers are upheld - including those who hold no faith. Chaplains perform religious support activities according to their faith and conscience and provide religious support of other faith groups by coordinating with another chaplain or qualified individual to perform the support needed.

Fort A.P. Hill does not have a Chaplain's office. Please feel free to contact the Religious Support Directorate at Fort McNair or contact the Fort A.P. Hill Directorate of Human Resources who can help you contact a chaplain.



A Message from the Military District of Washinton Wounded Warrior Chaplain Chaplain (LTC) Wolf




Romans 1:20a (NLT) ― “For ever since the world was created, people have seen the earth and sky. Through everything God made, they can clearly see his invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature.”
Most, if not all of us have had times in which we‘ve just basked in the beauty of nature. Natural surroundings are symbolic of God‘s vastness and goodness. Enjoying nature is beneficial to gain peace of mind and to increase in spiritual appreciation.

Service Members are often briefed on stress management; particularly in and around deployments. One technique that many of us have heard is that taking walks every day can relieve us from distress. No matter where we are, if we simply focus on the natural beauty of our surroundings: we can enjoy God‘s goodness for a part of a day.

Please allow me to share some personal experiences that helped a lot. I clearly recall often applying these principles during my deployments in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation New Dawn and benefitting from them.

  •  In Baghdad, Iraq: The Date-Palm, Eucalyptus, and citrus trees; as well as the many shoreline area’s plant-life, water current, and fish of the Tigris River brought peace of mind when we chose to be optimistic long enough enjoy natural beauty despite being in the midst of explosions and automatic weapon fire.

  •  From Al Asad to Ramadi, Hit, TQ, Fallujah, and Balad Iraq: The riverside farms, fields, and sandy hills along-side the great River Euphrates; the desert lakes and intermittent rows of trees: brought episodic peace in the midst of place devastated by warfare.

  •  The beautiful beaches with deep blue water of the coastal rim of Kuwait brought tremendous relaxation to those who chose to enjoy it during down time.

  •  The most barren desert areas of Kuwait seemed awesome: especially when a herd of camels or sheep were slowly rambling on the side of the road.

  •  The desert Foxes, wild dogs, and peculiar rodents and lizards of the Middle-East were fascinating and often delightful to watch; particularly from a distance.

  •  The dark forests of Germany and the beautifully intense green of Ireland were breath-taking.

Although I have never been to the following locations, Service Members have shared that the mountains of Afghanistan and the forests of Kosovo have caused many to cry out to God in amazement.

No matter where we are… there is some sort of natural beauty even if it‘s just appreciated by looking up at the ever changing sky or listening to the wind. When serving in combat, homeland security, humanitarian, or other such missions to include responding to the effects of natural disasters or when holding down domestic responsibilities while a loved one is busy on the front line. Military Service Members, Department of Defense Civilians, and Family Members: Let‘s take time to appreciate the Spiritual significance paralleled in nature. It‘s simply good medicine.