The Fort A.P. Hill Directorate of Public Works Environmental Division is committed to environmental excellence in all aspects of the Fort A.P. Hill mission. In accordance with the Sustainable Management System, Fort A.P. Hill’s environmental policy focuses the installation’s efforts on operating “The Right Way, The Green Way, All the Way.”

Environmental Handbook

The Fort A.P. Hill Environmental Handbook provides an outline of personnel responsibilities, policies and procedures, and guidance for managing environmental resources at Fort A.P. Hill in Caroline County, Virginia.

The Directorate of Public Works Environmental and Natural Resources Division manages the environmental program at Fort A.P. Hill. The Environmental and Natural Resources Division has implemented a Sustainable Environmental Management System that provides the framework to manage all environmental programs and aspects associated with installation operations.

The Environmental Handbook supports the Sustainable Environmental Management System and Commander’s policy providing guidance and Environmental controls for Installation personnel, Soldiers, tenants and contractor personnel.



Fort A.P. Hill is committed to being an environmental steward of natural resources and protecting training lands for future generations. The mission of the Environmental Compliance Branch (ECB) is to support all Fort A.P. Hill military operations and civilian activities by ensuring that the installation maintains the highest level of regulatory and environmental compliance. More...



Conservation.jpgFort A.P. Hill Environmental Division helps quantify environmental encroachment vulnerabilities and assesses the use of external buffer zones to enhance testing and training capabilities protecting Army land  through Army Compatible Use Buffer program partnerships. More...



Cultural Resource Management ProgramCulturalResources.jpg

Balancing the requirements of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, as amended, with critical Army mission requirements. Fort A. P. Hill maintains a proactive program for the research, documentation and preservation of cultural resources ranging from 19th century home sites to evidence of activity dating back to 8,000 B.C. More...



Forestry2.jpgForestry Branch plays a primary role in natural resource management on the installation with forests covering approximately 85% of the FAPH landscape (65,000 acres). With coordinated planning and implementation, forest management benefits the military training environment and local biological communities when applied from a long-term, landscape-scale perspective. Prescribed fire is also utilized to maximize the benefits of forest management activities across the installation.  These benefits include promoting overall ecosystem functions, wildlife habitat, forest growth and health conditions, and species composition, which tie directly into the training environment. Contact the Foresty Office at (804) 633-8409.



HAZMAT.jpgFort A.P. Hill’s Hazardous Material/Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (HAZMAT/RCRA) Compliance Program is responsible for ensuring units and tenant organizations on the installation recognize the requirements associated with Resource Conservation and Recovery Act in the course of their daily operations.  This is accomplished by providing guidance and conducting inspections to ensure proper management practices are utilized. 


National Environmental Policy Act

nepa.jpgThe purpose of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) is to include environmental considerations into federal agency planning and action. This is done by providing decision-makers and other stakeholders with information they need to understand any potentially significant environmental impacts resulting from an action. More...


Recycling & Refuse InformationSoldierRecycling.jpg

Fort A.P. Hill has recycling and refuse locations in various areas of the Garrison. The Scrap Yard located on Wilcox Drive accepts metal, cardboard, and trash.
Single stream recycling is located at the Wilcox Battalion 2 DFAC Bldg. 1659 and Headquarters near Bldg. 145. Cardboard dumpsters are located throughout. More...


Fort A.P. Hill’s environmental management practices have been recognized by the Department of Defense, Secretary of the Army,  Commonwealth of Virginia, and others.

*Secretary of the Army Energy Conservation Award

* E4 Extraordinary Environmental Enterprise

* Citation for Meritorious Achievement Presented to USAG Fort A.P. Hill Environmental Restoration Team
* DoD Honorable Mention for Environmental Restoration

* National/Advisory Council on Historic Preservation Award for Federal Partnerships in Historic Preservation
* Secretary of the Army Award for Environmental Restoration Team

* GSA Achievement Award for Real Property Innovation
* National Trust for Historic Preservation Award for Federal Partnership       

* Commonwealth of VA DoD Eagle Award
* Department of Interior Partners in Conservation Award