Established in 1941, Fort A.P. Hill is the Joint Force's premier all-purpose, year-round, training destination. Encompassing nearly 76,000 acres of diverse terrain, including a 27,000 acre live fire complex.
Beginning early 1942, preparations were underway to train and organize the Task Force which was to occupy North Africa. Gen. George S. Patton had over 26,000 of his troops of the 2nd Armored Division, the 3rd and 9th Infantry Divisions train at A.P. Hill.
Over the course of the war hundreds of thousands of troops trained at the Reservation. The training units were so diverse as to include; armored divisions, anti-tank units, anti-aircraft, medium and heavy artillery, topographical Engineering companies and Quartermasters, infantry, hospital units, truck regiments, cavalry, coast artillery, signal battalions, ordinance and more.
In the autumn of 1942, Fort A.P. Hill was the staging area for the headquarters and corps troops of Major General Patton’s Task Force A, which invaded French Morocco in North Africa.
Today, Fort A.P. Hill is still uniquely postured to meet training and range qualification requirements for a wide range of training operations for a variety of military, government and civilian customers.
To date, training facilities include, but are not limited to, HMMWV Egress Assistance Trainer, Engagement Skills Trainer II. Training areas include: Land Navigation Course's, Leadership Reaction Course, NBC Confidence Course, Obstacle Confidence Course, Rappel Tower, Rope Bridge Construction Site, Urban Operations Site, Warrior task Complex, Training areas, and Weapon Ranges.
The Garrison continues to change to meet the ever changing needs of the warfighter. Fort A.P. Hill is just as capable of training a multitude of warriors just as it did when it was an Army reservation in 1942.

Garrison Awards

 Army ACOE Award year 2003 - Finalist
 Army ACOE Award year 2005 - 3rd Place
 Army ACOE Award year 2006 - 3rd Place
 Army ACOE Award year 2007 - 3rd Place
 Army ACOE Award year 2008 - 1st Place
 Army ACOE Award year 2013 - 3rd Place 
 Army ACOE Award year 2014 - 2nd Place
 Army ACOE Award year 2016 - 3rd Place
 2017- Department of Energy's Federal Energy Management Program award winner for energy and water management program.