The Youth Education Support Services Director and School Liaison Officer assists with school transition support services, Partnerships in Education, installation and school communications, local school information for schools on and off post, home-school linkages, scholarship information and post-secondary preparation opportunities.

All of the Fort Rucker and local public schools cooperate with the Secondary Education Transition Study Memorandum of Agreement to ease the transitions of the children and youth as they move from installation to installation.

The School Liaison Officer is located in Building 132, Room 118. For more information, call (334) 255-9812.

Fort Rucker Family Member Schools

The two Fort Rucker schools serve students from age 4 through sixth grade who live on-post. The Elementary School, comprised of second through sixth grades, was designed and constructed in 1964 with traditional individual classrooms. The Primary School was designed and constructed in 1973. This school has large, open classroom areas or pods to accommodate 90 students and four teachers per pod. It houses 4-year-olds, kindergarteners and first grade.

Fort Rucker schools are accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. The schools are funded through DOD as Domestic Dependent Elementary and Secondary Schools on military installations.

Alabama requires children to be four, five or six years old, on or before September 1 to enter the program for the 4-year-olds, kindergarten or first grade, respectively.

Fort Rucker Schools believe that the children in our schools are our highest priority. We promote a cooperative partnership between students, parents, community and staff. Our mission is to build a strong foundation for lifelong learning by nurturing, guiding, and challenging all of our students to achieve their maximum potential.

Visit the Fort Rucker Dependents' Schools website here.

Well-rounded Education

Fort Rucker students receive a comprehensive, well-rounded education that includes gifted education, art, music, physical education, library science and guidance.

Reading Recovery, taught at the Fort Rucker Primary School, is an internationally acclaimed program that assists first graders who have difficulty reading. A pilot program for dyslexic students in ensuring success for identified students.

The Fort Rucker schools participate in the U.S. Department of Agriculture School Lunch Program that provides breakfast and lunch. Qualified students receive free or reduced-priced meals. The school provides transportation for students residing more than one mile away from the elementary school.

Special Education

Fort Rucker Schools also offer outstanding services for students identified with special needs. Special Education services are provided to students with mild to moderate disabilities in the areas of physical impairments, communication impairments, hearing impairments and developmental delays. Students with severe and profound disabilities receive services through a contractual agreement with the Vivian B. Adams School located nearby in Ozark.

For more information, call:

  • Superintendent's Office (334) 598-6396 or DSN (334) 558-3086
  • Elementary School (334) 255-1607
  • Primary School (334) 255-2822

Registration Information

The following documentation is required to register at either of the schools on Fort Rucker:

  • Sponsor will update Registration Form (DoDEA Form 600). DoDEA Form 600 must be signed by the active duty sponsor. If the sponsor is deployed it may be signed by his or her spouse with a Power of Attorney (Note: A copy of the POA will need to be submitted with enrollment documents.)
  • Child's Social Security Card. A copy of the card will be retained in the student's registration file.
  • Certified Birth Certificate from the Department of Vital Statistics of the state of birth. The certificate must include the parents' names and cannot be a pocket card or hospital/congratulatory certificate. A copy of the certificate will be retained in the student's registration file. If the sponsor is not listed on the birth certificate as a biological parent, the child's dependency and custody determination must be documented before enrollment is granted.
  • Sponsor's current military orders. Orders dated prior to 36 months before the start of the school year will require an amendment, updated order or the registrar can provide a form to be completed by the sponsor's unit.
  • Verification of Family Housing. A signed Resident Occupancy Agreement and a current billing statement (e.g. cable bill) will verify your housing assignment. Families who are still on the waiting list for housing will need to verify that the registrar has a copy of their original 180-day housing letter.
  • An Alabama Certificate of Immunization indicating that required shots have been received. The immunization requirement for the four-year-old, pre-kindergarten program is that the child be given five DPT shots (Note: or four DPT shots if the fourth shot was received after the child's fourth birthday). The child also needs four OPV shots (Note: or three OPV shots if the third OPV shot was received after the fourth birthday).