USAACE G1/G4 develops, staffs and integrates plans, policies, programs and priorities for military strength management and logistics operations in order to facilitate quality training support to USAACE command and staff. It coordinates USAACE military strength management requirements for permanent party Soldiers with TRADOC G1 and Human Resources Command. G1/G4 also coordinates USAACE logistics requirements and issues with LRC, DPW, ACLC, and TRADOC G4.

Aviation Awards
The Order of Daedalians present two annual awards to recognize safe flying practices and exceptional aviators: The Brigadier General Carl I. Hutton Memorial Award; and the Exceptional Pilot Award.
Founded in 1922, Post 743 is the only “Aviation” American Legion Post. Post 743 is seeking nominations for its prestigious, federally recognized, annual aviators’ valor award.
The Anne Morrow Lindbergh Award recognizes individuals who have voluntarily contributed to the improvement of their communities.
The Ellis D. Parker Award recognizes excellence at the battalion level.