If you are having an emergency, call 9-1-1 or 255-2222 for assistance.

DPS conducts law enforcement operations, anti-terrorism and force protection operations, fire emergency response, and crash rescue support on Fort Rucker.

Fort Rucker military police do more than law enforcement. They assist military personnel, civilians, visitors, and Families on post around the clock; help individuals locked out of Family housing, aid stranded motorists, and participate in community services and activities.

Other military police services include 24-hour patrolling of post, traffic enforcement, investigations, and physical security inspections.

Appropriately, the DPS motto is entitled the “Guardians.”

Privately-owned weapons

Open carry and carrying concealed weapons on Fort Rucker is PROHIBITED.

Individuals who use or store firearms on post must register them at the MP Station, Bldg 5001. Weapons registrations must be updated every five years. Weapons may be stored in family housing, BOQ or BEQ, or places of storage at designated firing ranges or hunting areas. Concealed weapons carried on individuals, routinely transported in vehicles, or stored in vehicles are prohibited.

For details on POW registration and to download Fort Rucker (DPS) Form 818, click here.

Community Police

The Community Police section educates community youth on protecting themselves from molestation and abduction, conducts drug awareness training, and conducts an annual bicycle rodeo to stress bicycle safety and update on-post bicycle registration.

Through operation IDENT-A-KID, the community police provides parents with photographs and fingerprint cards of their children. The community police are dedicated to the on-post housing areas where they work with mayors, parents, children, and the chain-of-command as part of the neighborhood watch and Officer McGruff Safe House programs.

Fire and Emergency Services

The Fire and Emergency Services Division, the largest fire department in the Army, serves Fort Rucker, their training sites, and the Wiregrass area when communities request mutual aid and assistance.

This division provides emergency services, such as fire suppression and prevention, crash and rescue operation, hazardous material accidents, heavy extrication mission, high-angle and confined-space rescues, high-rise structure maneuvers, and advanced life support paramedic operations.

The Fire Prevention Section personnel visit the schools on and off post to show the “Little People’s Fire House” and to explain fire prevention with such characters as “Smokey the Bear” and “Sparky the Dog.”