How to Visit Rock Island Arsenal

  • Visitors are welcome at Rock Island Arsenal.
  • A visitor pass is required to enter Rock Island Arsenal. (How to obtain a visitor pass)
  • Visitors must complete a favorable criminal background check before entry.
  • All first time visitors must present a valid state identification card, driver’s license or valid U.S. Passport.
    !! Residents of Minnesota, Missouri and Washington:
    read this important message regarding non-compliance of state driver's licenses and alternative means of identification
  • Foreign Nationals are not allowed access, unless visiting for Official Business.
  • All first time visitors must process through the Moline Gate Visitor Welcome Center.
  • Visitors arriving outside of Visitor Welcome Center hours will be assisted at the Moline Gate.
  • Visitors with a pass may use any gate.
  • Visitor hours are from Sunrise to Sunset, unless official business, visits to families living on Rock Island Arsenal, or events are scheduled after these hours.

Moline Gate Visitor Welcome Center Hours

  • Monday through F Sunday 7:00 AM to 3 PM

Rock Island Arsenal is a Department of Defense and US Army facility. All vehicles and persons are subject to search and privately owned weapons are not allowed.

To contact the Visitor Center, call (309)782-0485, (309)782-0484 or (309)782-1337 or email at