Local Radio and Television

American Forces Network Kwajalein, broadcasting from Kwajalein 24 hours a day, is part of the American Forces Network Radio and Television Service. AFN Kwajalein operates several television channels and three FM radio stations. Television and radio are provided to Roi-Namur by fiber optic cable.

Top-rated U.S. television shows are obtained by AFRTS from the four major broadcast networks and several cable networks, providing a mix of popular programming.

AFN Kwajalein broadcasts local information on two stations. The “roller” channel is a community bulletin board posting important notices, upcoming events, mission announcements, etc. The weather channel has live weather radar and daily forecasts.

TV reception requires a coaxial cable in unaccompanied housing to tap into the shared roof antennas on Kwajalein or the cable system on Roi-Namur. A UHF/VHF antenna is required in accompanied housing. These connection materials may be purchased on-island through AAFES retail locations.