Any US Army Retiree death should be reported immediately to the USAREUR Casualty Operations Branch (Kaiserslautern, Germany). As a minimum, the deceased Retiree's name and social security number should be available, along with any information concerning the details of the death and location of Next Of Kin (NOK).

Note: Physicians verifying death should indicate the cause of death on the certificate. Multiple copies should be requested for U.S. based insurance claims, DFAS, and the VA to name a few agencies where a death certificate will be required, and then send to the U.S. Consulate to be issued a Certificate of Death of an American Citizen again asking for multiple copies. (Note there is a charge for multiple copies – contact the Consulates for current pricing information).

American Consulate
The Foreign Service Report of Death is issued by the servicing American Consulate. For our area the American Consulate in Frankfurt provides 10 free copies (with raised seal) of this report for retired Soldiers and family members who are American citizens. This report includes the cause of death, if available.
It can be issued without the cause of death; however, when applying for various survivor benefits, some agencies want a confirmation of the cause of death. If the retired Soldier does not die in a military treatment facility in Germany, the key document confirming the cause of death will be issued by the family physician or servicing Gesundheitsamt. The document, in the form of a letter, is the Bestätigung der Todesursache.

Send this document and the retired Soldier’s passport along with the request for the report of death to the American Consulate. It’s best to send the package by registered mail. Before sending the passport, make a copy of the page showing the picture and the other basic information. The cancelled passport is returned with the report of death.


Europe and Africa Casualty Assistance Center (Sembach, Germany)
COMM (available 24 hours):  +49-(0)611-143-544-1340
DSN:  314-544-1340

U.S. Air Force Casualty Assistance (Ramstein, Germany)
COMM:  +49-(0)6371-47-5759
DSN:  314-480-5759
After hours:  +49-(0)162-405-2838

Navy and Marine Corps
Tel.: 1-800-368-3202 (Navy)
Tel.: 1-800-847-1597 (Marine Corps)

Navy Casualty Operations 
Toll Free:  1-800-368-3202
COMM:  901-874-2501
DSN:  882-2501
COMM (after hours):  1-901-634-9279

Federal Benefits Unit (Frankfurt, Germany)
COMM:  +49-(0)69-90-555-1100

Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS)
COMM: 1-800-321-1080
Fax: 1-800-469-6559

Veterans Group Life Insurance
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