COVID 19 Updates

On Monday, July, 6, 2020 NYC moved to Phase 3 (except no indoor dining). The following changes have occured starting July 6:
-End of "Even-Odd" access to installation.

-We will still maintain 100% card check at the gate and Commissary.

-Fitness Center open to DOD Civilians except during PT hours. The Fitness Center is open Monday - Saturday. For DoD Civilians, Monday - Friday from 1000-1730h. It is closed from 1300-1400h for a full disinfectant. Saturday it is open 0900-1600h, closed for full disinfectant 1300-1400h.

-We will NOT implement indoor dining. Dining will remain outdoors.

-Gathering size for functions transitions from 10 to 25 people.

-The Club Pool will open for PT swim on Tuesday, July 7 (after holiday weekend). All units, including 6th Comm, are welcome to use the pool for PT swim. Details will follow from the FMWR Director.
-Access extended to the Commissary & PX for those granted special permission until July 14.

-Civilian Club members will be authorized access to the Installation Club for outdoor dining. Details forthcoming.

Effective June 22, 2020 - In line with NYC, the Garrison Commander, Colonel Zieseniss and Major General Milhorn have made the decision that Fort Hamilton will go to Health Protection Condition Bravo.  Please check our Facebook page USAG Fort Hamilton or call 718 630 4780 for more information. We hosted a Virtual Community Update to discuss the reopening plan. We encourage you to watch for more information. We thank our community for your efforts.

What's changed as part of HP Con B: 

Access & Guidance

-7th Avenue Gate is open to personnel with DOD ID Cards on Monday through Friday 0600-1800.

-Medical screening will no longer be conducted.

-Residents will be allowed to have visitors. Visitors will still be required to go through background check at visitor control center.

-Odd/Even System is still in place for access to retiree and veterans under expanded patronage.

-Phase 2 gatherings limited to no more than 10 people. Phase 3 no more than 25 personnel. If units are planning gathering, please have a mitigation plan and coordinate through DPTMS & CSM.

The Public Health Emergency is still in effect. It gives additional authority regarding quarantine and isolation. We will continue to make conditions based decisions & post updates as changes are made. We have begun opening  some services, we ask that you remain vigilant and stay safe by maintaining social distancing and wearing a face covering.  It's all about discipline and avoiding taking steps back.

We will remain transparent as possible and actively communicate those decisions to you. It's important that we remain vigilant to protect the health of the force and maintain operational readiness in through the COVID19 pandemic. Thank you to our service members from our garrison and local units who stepped up to be a part of this important protection measures through the pandemic.

FMWR Services Available:

-Fitness Center is open for active duty 0530 - 0900. 1000-1730 open for active-duty dependents, DOD Civilians and AD.  The gym closes for cleaning 0900-1000 & 1300-1400. Gymnasium & sauna is off limits. Wear face covering when you enter, wipe down equipment, social distance & keeping to max 50 attendees.

-CYS/CDC is open to limited amount of children and will continue in increments based on conditions. Safeguard positions are in place.

-Community Club & Bowling Center is open for outdoor dining. Take out or delivery is available as well.

-Bowling Center Monday through Friday from 0700-1430 (Breakfast 0700-1030)

-Community Club is Tuesday & Wed Lunch from 11-1430, Thursday & Friday 1100-2100, Sat 1600-2100  

-ACS is open for support if needed.

-Pool is open for military unit, physical training swim starting July 7th. Our goal is to get the pool open at some point this summer for recreational swim. It's all dependent on conditions. We will continue to monitor and work with military health professionals to assess.

News from AAFES The Exchange & Defense Commissary Agency:

-AAFES/PX is open Monday - Saturday 1000-1800; Sunday 1000-1700

-AAFES is working through the opening of barber shop and dry cleaners. Their goal is to open in near future.

-Commissary  is open Tuesday - Saturday 1000-1900; Sunday 1000-1800 There is still 100% ID Check at Commissary. There will still be some purchase limits in place, but assessing on regular basis.

-Odd/Even System access that was in place for retiree and veterans access is no longer in place as of July 6.

Fort Hamilton Garrison Community Updates:

Playgrounds & outdoor basketball court are open at your own risk. They are not being cleaned.

The Chaplain team are anticipating to start in-person services on Sunday July 12th.

Museum  & Thrift Shop remained closed.

Education center is by appointment only. 718 630 4978

Legal Office is open. Notary services and Powers of Attorney available on walk-in basis. 718 630 4743

ID Card Services are by appt only. 718 630 4557.

USPS remains closed. USPS is working through the details of reopening.


Housing Update:

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