> Mission

Customers may donate and deposit clean useable items sorted by breakable and non-breakable items 24 hours a day into the Freecycle Bin installed on the site. Items that require some repair may only be donated to a volunteer directly and only with his or her agreement. Only serviceable or usable household items may be placed in the yellow walk-in container, labeled “Freecycle Bin.”

> Who can use the Freecycle Center?

Please note that items taken from the Freecycle Center are for personal use by the customer only. The Freecycle Center is open to all Soldiers and family members and DoD Civilian employees and their family members with CAC cards indicating SOFA status, i.e., “Authorized Patronage, Overseas MWR, Commissary, Unlimited Exchange." Local Nationals and U.S. civilians who do not possess ID cards with such annotation are not authorized to take items from the Freecycle Center. Retirees or active-duty personnel who do not live in EUCOM must spend at least 30 days in Europe and have verification of eligibility from the German customs office.

> Volunteers

Volunteers are needed. Freecycle is run solely by volunteers and these volunteers carry out duties from sorting, organizing, helping customers and managing day-to-day operations.
This community operation can only survive with the help of volunteers and cooperation of the entire community. Reports of people rummaging through outside donation bins and reselling items for profit - both strictly prohibited - have been reported. If abused, the Freecycle Center could cease to exist.

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