Fort A.P. Hill, a Regional Collective Training Center, provides innovative, flexible, and relevant training enablers in order to support Army, Joint and Interagency readiness. On order, support contingency operations in the mid-Atlantic and  National Capital regions.



Fort A.P. Hill strives to be a premier Regional Collective Training Center, responsive to customer needs by delivering adaptive training and base operations support to ensure mission readiness in a dynamic environment.


Guiding Principles:

· Live the Army Values: Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage
· Service Culture: Customer service excellence provided through valued employees and engaged leaders in an environment where dignity and respect are strictly enforced
· Employee Empowerment: Steadfast commitment to Warrior success
· Teamwork: Focused cooperation to accomplish the mission
· Communication: Timely sharing of open, honest and candid information
· Safety: Applied within, executed successfully throughout
· Continuous Improvement: Practice cycles of learning to achieve customer service  excellence
· Individual Development: Active participation in individual and professional development opportunities
· Leadership: Be the example, communicate effectively, care for and develop workforce, accomplish the mission


Core Competencies:

· Exercise mission command to integrate base operations support
· Enablers for training, readiness and contingency operations
· Sustain and improve installation infrastructure
· Provide a safe and secure installation
· Exercise stewardship of the environment and installation resources
· Facilitate Warrior, Family and Civilian well-being
· Foster strong community partnerships through communication, cooperation, and collaboration



"The Best Training and Support - Anywhere!"