Training Support Activity Europe identifies, acquires, manages and provides state-of-the-art home station, rotational and expeditionary training support and visual information capability to prepare Joint and Multinational forces to win in any operating environment. TSAE owns and operates all U.S. Army ranges and local training areas outside of the Grafenwoehr Training Area. TSAE manages the Training Support System Program, Sustainable Range Program (SRP), Integrated Training Area Management (ITAM), Range and Training Land Program (RTLP), Soldier Training Support Program (STSP), Virtual Training Program (VTP), Visual Information Program (VI) and the Training Information Infrastructure, Distributive Learning Program (TII/DL).

Training Support Center (TSC) Ansbach, 7th Army Training Command, issues training equipment, creates graphics for official training functions, provides photography for official Army training events, and takes official Department of the Army photographs.

To schedule to take an official DA photo, to request graphics, or to request further support, visit the Visual Information Ordering Site (VIOS) at


  1. Log into DAPMIS:
  2. The DAPMIS introduction page is displayed on the screen. Check box for User Agreement and select OK. 
  3. Select Photo View button.
  4. The Photo View and Acceptance screen displays your current photo of record (if it already exists) on the left and your new photo on the right. If you are satisfied with your photo, click on the "Accept" button.
  5. Per AR 640-30, photographers will take reshoots only when there is an error caused by the photographer or the equipment.

Please note: If you do not accept the photo within three duty days, the system will automatically accept the photo on the fourth duty day, and it will become your official DA photo of record. Once accepted, your DA photo will be immediately available in DAPMIS. Additionally,  it will be available in iPERMS within one duty day. If you are unable to see your DA photo in DAPMIS within three duty days after the photo was taken, contact the DA photo lab for assistance. 


Where do I go to view and accept my DA photo? 
Log into AKO (Internet Explorer 9.0 or higher) or to view or accept your photo.
Will my photo be updated to my ERB/ORB for the board to view? 
No, the ERB/ORB used by the board does not have a photo associated with it.  The board views the most recent photo available in DAPMIS.

The date of my recent photo did not update on my Record Brief (ERB/ORB).  How do I get that corrected?              The date of the most current photo is updated daily.  If, after one week of accepting your photo, the most recent date has not been updated on your Record Brief, please call DSN 502-613-9990 to speak to someone with DAPMIS.

What if I am unable to view my photo in DAPMIS?
If you are unable to see your DA photo in DAPMIS within three duty days after the photo was taken, contact the installation photographic facility for assistance.
Can the photo be rejected after the system accepts the image? 
No, once the Soldier accepts the photo it becomes the current photo.  A new photo must be taken to replace the current photo.
How does an Active Guard Reserve (AGR) Soldier update the date of last photo on their ERB/ORB?  
The Soldier must contact their S1, MPD, or Unit Administrator for assistance.
Are all DA photos of a Soldier stored in DAPMIS?  
No, only the most current photo will be stored in DAPMIS.
Can a Sergeant (E-5) or below have a photo in DAPMIS? 
No, DAPMIS stores photos for those in the rank of staff sergeant (SSG/E-6) and above only.
Can I have my DA photo taken while I am pregnant?  
Pregnant female Soldiers who are due to take an official photograph are exempt as stated in AR 640-30 until six months post-partum. However, this does not prevent pregnant Soldiers from taking a photo. 

Refer to AR 640-30 for further guidance.