Ansbach Elementary School and Ansbach Middle / High School are located at Katterbach Kaserne. For more information on the schools at USAG Ansbach, visit the Department of Defense Education Activity's web page at for the elementary school and for the co-located middle and high schools.

The School Liaison Officer “levels the playing field” for transitioning students, helps prepare families, schools, and installations to respond confidently to the complexities of transition and deployment while providing families the assurance that their children’s academic well being is an Army priority by providing five basic core services:

  1. Transition Assistance (PCS Cycle) – School Liaison Officers assist families with school transfers and help “level the playing field” for military children and youth through direct family interaction and through paving the way with local schools.
  2. Communication Link between Command, Schools, and Families – School Liaison Officers serve as subject matter experts for installation commanders on K-12 issues helping to connect command, school, and community resources.
  3. Home School Linkage and Support -- School Liaison Officers assist Army families by gathering and sharing information on home schooling issues, policies, and legislation from local school districts, and helping leverage Child and Youth Services (CYS) resources to support these families.
  4. Partnerships in Education (PIE) – Creates a volunteer network of resources to support installation and community members who have a vested interest in the success of all youth.
  5. Post Secondary Preparations – School Liaison Officers leverage installation and school resources to provide graduating military students with access to post-secondary information and opportunities.

Examples of SLO activities:

  • Provide information on student registration in the local school system
  • Provide information on the Student Meal Program
  • Educate parents on the local school system, policies, procedures, programs, and schedules
  • Support home school families
  • Supply resource materials on primary, secondary, and post-secondary education
  • Coordinate with CYS Homework Centers and Youth Technology Labs
  • Participate in Education Council Meetings to elevate parental issues for resolution

These initiatives prepare schools and installations to respond confidently to the complexities of transitions, and provide families the assurance that their children's academic well-being is a priority.