The AMC and Redstone Arsenal Inspector General (IG) extend the eyes, ears, voice and conscience of the Commander. The IG is fair and impartial; anyone can talk to the IG. The IG team is the objective fact-finder for the Commander, and will accept anonymous and confidential complaints. Assistance is provided to all Soldiers, family members, civilians and other personnel requesting assistance in matters of interest to AMC and Redstone Arsenal. Occasionally, requests for assistance will contain allegations, which may cause the IG to open an informal inquiry, formal investigation, or advise the command to initiate an inquiry or investigation. Conclusions are reached based on a preponderance of credible evidence. Any inspection or investigation conducted by an IG or IG team is considered an IG record, and cannot be used as the basis for adverse action against any individual without the written approval of the Inspector General of the Army. IG records will not be converted for personal use.