The Fort Polk Recycles Program

Recycling at Fort Polk

Recycling supports the Army mission. Fort Polk strives to make reducing, reusing and recycling simple by offering an array of programs at the Recycling Center. To view a full list of recyclable materials and more information on additional programs at the JRTC & Fort Polk Recycling Center, visit the At the Recycling Center page.

The Fort Polk Recycles Team

The Fort Polk Recycles (FPR) Team is available to help community members discover how to best achieve net zero in their daily lives.

  • FPR provides recycling awareness training at the Newcomer’s Brief, ECO training, Facility Manager training and more.
  • FPR is involved in a variety of community events and loves the opportunity to meet with people about the FPR mission.
    • Have an event coming up? Reach out to FPR to have the team join!
  • Follow FPR on Facebook by searching for “Fort Polk Environmental Management Division” for tips on recycling and reducing waste and additional information on FPR events.


Riche$ from Recycling

FPR_website_riche$.pngBeyond the environmental benefits, recycling on post can also provide a financial benefit to military units. Military units on the installation have the opportunity to earn cash at their Battalion level from recycling materials at the JRTC and Fort Polk Recycling Center. To contribute towards unit funds, units and their families should:

  1. Recycle cardboard and paper (mixed or white) at the Recycling Center’s Bay #2 during business hours.
  2. Request that the weight of the recyclable materials be tracked and delegated to the unit upon drop off. A QRP employee will be available to assist in weighing the materials and ensuring it is correctly recorded for the unit.

To see how much money your unit has earned to this point, click here.