The Fort Polk Net Zero Waste Program

The Army's Vision...

is to appropriately manage our natural resources with a goal of net zero installations. Today the Army faces significant threats to our energy and water supply requirements both home and abroad. Addressing energy security and sustainability is operationally necessary, financially prudent, and essential to mission accomplishment. The goal is to manage our installations not only on a net zero energy basis, but net zero water and waste as well. The Army must invest in its installations and improve efficiencies in energy, water and waste for the benefit of our current and future missions.

What is Net Zero Waste?

In a nutshell...ZERO waste is sent to a landfill! A net zero waste installation an installation that reduces, reuses, and recovers waste streams.

Landfill_before.jpg ------------->Hickory-Ridge-Landfill.jpg

Services to the Installation

The Net Zero Waste Team is here to help you help the environment. From training to hosting booths at events, Net Zero Waste is a proud member of the community here at Fort Polk!

-Net Zero Waste offers recycling awareness training at the Newcomer's Brief, ECO Training, Facility Managers Training, and more!

-Net Zero Waste loves to get out and educate the community about recycling on base, and ways we can all reduce our waste. Have an event coming up? Feel free to invite us!

What can you recycle?

  • White Copy Paper
  • Mixed Paper (newspapers, food boxes, etc)
  • Cardboard
  • Used Cooking and Motor Oil
  • Aluminum Cans
  • #1 Plastic Bottles
  • Lead Acid Batteries
  • Used Ink and Toner Cartridges
  • Usable Office Supplies
  • Usable Packaging Supplies

How close are we to the Net Zero Waste Goal?

As of the beginning of FY19, Fort Polk has diverted 58% of its waste from the landfill. Help us keep pushing to minimize our waste to the maximum extent possible!

Recycle Money.jpg  RICHE$ FROM RECYCLING

Military units on the installation have an opportunity to earn cash at their Battalion level from Recycling! 1.) Recycle Cardboard and paper (white and mixed) at the JRTC and Fort Polk Recycling Center 2.) Delegate your unit upon dropping off so the weight can be captured and recorded for your unit.

To see how much money your unit has earned to this point, click here.