The U.S. Army Joint Readiness Training Center and Fort Polk trains brigade combat teams to conduct large scale combat operations on the decisive action battlefield against a near-peer threat with multi-domain capabilities. Fort Polk enables assigned Forces Command units to build readiness in support of globally deployable missions; while facilitating a high quality of life for Soldiers and Army Families.



The Joint Readiness Training Center and Fort Polk maintains its core combat training center (CTC) capabilities, able to offer a realistic and rigorous training environment, supported by an experienced Operations Group (Ops Grp) which includes a highly trained, agile and adaptive opposing force (OPFOR). Further, it offers a sustainable North Fort Polk cantonment area which allows efficient execution of rotations. Future advancements, such as the expansion of Polk Army Airfield, allows Fort Polk to truly maximize its potential to support all CTC rotations while directly benefiting resident units and Fort Polk's capacity. Simultaneously, JRTC and Fort Polk maintain programs to care for Soldiers, civilians, Families and retirees.