The Physical Security Division of DES supports the installation in the following areas: Compliance inspections, Courtesy Inspections, Vulnerability Assessments, Alarm Monitoring and Trouble Shooting. Closed Circuit TV and Cameras, DoD Lock Program, Staff Assistance Visits, Deployments / Re-deployment Support, Rapid Gate Program. The Department of the Army Security Guards and Force Protection also are supported by the Physical Security Division.


Security Guards & Force Protection: (337) 531-7756

Force Protection is a branch of the Physical Security Division. They support the DES in perimeter security and access control in the following areas:

  • Fence Line Security
  • ACP Operations
  • Access Control Procedures
  • Operations Random Anti-Terrorist Measures
  • Operation Save A Life
  • Special Event Security Operations

Access Control: (337) 531-1159

Access control at Fort Polk is facilitated through The Physical Security Division of DES. It is performed by the following programs and procedures:

  • Identification Verification: Visitors may enter the installation using a scannable state or federally issued drivers license or ID card.
  • Vehicle Registration: Personnel operating a motor vehicle on the installation require valid registration, proof of Insurance, and a valid drivers license
  • Rapid Gate (1 Year Commercial Truck Registration): Commercial truck drivers can enroll in Rapids Gate at the Vehicle Registration Office located in Bldg 5903 (adjacent to ACP 1) (Main Gate) on Fort Polk.

Weapons Registration: (337) 531-0380

All personnel that reside on Fort Polk are required under Army Regulation 190-11 and Fort Polk Regulation 190-3 to register their privately owned weapons on the installation within 3 days of arrival on post.

Personnel that reside off post that intend to transport weapons on the installation will also register them.

All personnel residing in the barracks will register and store privately owned weapons in their unit arms rooms.

Alarm Monitoring: (337) 531-1214

The Physical Security Division supports all commercial and DoD alarms systems installed on Fort Polk.

We can assist you with technical support, repairs, testing and maintenance problems with your alarm system.

Alarm PIN Numbers are issued between 0800 – 0900 and 1500 – 1600 daily (Mon – Fri) (closed holidays). (Please ensure you bring an updated unaccompanied access roster)

For Physical Security Inspections, Lock Services, Training, Gate Access, and General Information requests, email us at:

For PIC Codes and IDS work orders, email us at:

For Access control information or to submit an access control roster, email us at: 

The Physical Security SharePoint page can be found here