All USFK employees, DoD Civilians, Dependents and Soldiers will have their own ID Cards that allow them to access the installation.  If you wish to sponsor a non-USFK affiliated individual, you will be able to get a 24 hour pass (non-overnight unless in authorized quarters) or an extended visitor pass that allows access up to 60 days. Local Nationals only need to show their Korean ID when sponsored on post, while other nationalities need to show their passport.  Please note, we do

have a list of countries that are not allowed on the installation.  The list is FOUO, so I cannot distro that out to you here.  Pass forms can be obtained at the Camp Walker Physical Security Office, building 410.


If you happen to be stationed here in Area IV, we have a total of 12

Army bases with only four being considered "main" bases.


Camp Walker:    Gate 4 (main gate)/24 hour ACP with VCC

                              Gate 6 (commercial/tactical gate)/open 0500-2100 weekdays, 0600-1800 weekends

                              Gate 7 (air field gate)/open only for emergencies


Camp Henry:       Gate 2 (main gate)/24 hour ACP with VCC

                              Gate 1 (back gate)/0600-1800 weekdays, closed on weekends


Camp George:    Gate 3 (main gate)/24 hour ACP with VCC

                              Gate 10 (back gate)/24 hour ESPG


Camp Carroll:     Gate 1 (main gate)/24 hour ACP with VCC

                              Gate 2 (commercial/tactical gate)/0530-1730 weekdays, closed Weekends/Holidays

                              Gate 4 (back gate) 24 hour ACP with VCC