In honor of Women Veterans Day on June 12 we are highlighting the women of WSMR.

Women Veterans Day June 12 

Note: In honor of Women Veterans Day on June 12 we are highlighting the women of WSMR.

Col. Shawn Smart is the Commander White Sands Test Center

 She is originally from Columbus, Ga

 "There is something special about those who choose to serve, whether you serve your minimum obligation or chose to serve 20-plus years in uniform. Servicemembers, regardless of age, gender, or branch of service, are problem solvers that understand mental toughness when facing adversity and can produce powerful results, and I wanted to be a part of that shared experience," Smart said. "Now 22 years later, I want to be an example of what the future holds for the next young person who wishes to be a part of the most powerful military force this world has to offer. On a personal note, I serve because as a woman, I want little girls to witness diversity and inclusion. I don't consider myself a role model, but I hope that I'm an inspiration."

 On her spare time Smart said she really enjoys listening to audio books to broaden her horizons.

"On the weekends, I appreciate watching a good movie or going bowling. To be honest, my passion is simply taking care of my freshwater fish especially African Cichlids, it's a stress reliever."


Lt. Col. Erin Jackson is the Deputy Commander of Nursing at McAfee U.S. Army Health Clinic.

"I serve to help take care of those military members that have devoted their lives to the nation and to provide the best medical care that we can provide them. I serve because it is a duty to my country, and I feel a passion to do that."


Capt. Dana O'Donnell works with the 3-6 ADA

She is originally from Woodbury, NY

"Initially, my family was a large factor in why I wanted to serve in the military. A year after 9/11 I watched my brother enlist in the USMC, my three uncles were first responders with the NYPD and FDNY at Ground Zero, and then my sister became a MEDEVAC pilot in the U.S. Army," O'Donnell said. "I'll admit that I struggled at first to adapt to the lifestyle of the Army and what it means to be a leader, especially as a woman. I was very independent growing up, often considered quiet or indifferent, but always very competitive with myself. I think now I continue to serve simply because it is so rewarding to see Soldiers grow so much personally and professionally. It's been an awesome journey that I've gotten to share with some incredible people and for that I am really grateful."

On her spare time O'Donnell enjoys running and hiking. She also enjoys going to the gym.