Asian American Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander Heritage Month Observance

WSMR Community,

During the month of May our Nation celebrates Asian American Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander Heritage Month. It is important that we pay tribute to the generations of Asian American Native Hawaiian Pacific Islanders who have enriched our Nation's history through their countless contributions, vibrant cultures, and rich heritage. AANHPI encompasses a diverse group of cultures, ethnicities, and languages. They include those Americans who trace their ancestry to the Asian continent and the many Pacific Island regions.

Today, Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders remain integral to the strength of the Department of Defense. Serving both in the military and civilian sector, they represent more than 160,000 members of the DoD's Total Force.

This year's theme, "Advancing Leaders Through Innovation," celebrates the contributions of AANHPI pioneers in the areas of science, art, business, civilian public service, and military strategy. Bringing varied and unique perspectives, these colleagues are critical contributors to developing innovative approaches to meeting defense priorities. Their expertise enhances DoD capability as we defend our Nation, deter aggression, and build a resilient Joint Force and defense ecosystem.

I would ask that each of take the time next Wednesday, 22 May from 1130-1230, to attend the special observance being held in the Frontier Club. WSMR is hosting Sergeant Major Leila Shadmani, Clinical Operations SGM for William Beaumont Army Medical Center, as the guest speaker for the event.


MSG Kristopher D. Norville

Equal Opportunity Advisor

Protocol NCO