Military Ceremonies

The 399th Army Band supports official military ceremonies both on and off of Fort Leonard Wood. Requests must be submitted to the 399th Army Band Operations Office at least 45 calendar days prior to the day of the event. In accordance with AR 220-90 and FLW Regulation 220-90, request that are submitted fewer than 45 calendar days prior to the event must be accompanied by a letter of lateness signed by the first Colonel (O6) in the requesting organization.

In order to book the 399th Army Band for an official military performance, click here (CAC REQUIRED)



Public Performance Requests

The 399th Army Band also supports many not-for-profit civilian functions throughout Missouri and the Midwest in support of community relations. To request the 399th Army Band for a public performance, contact the Fort Leonard Wood Public Affairs Office at (573) 563-4145, or fill out the form below (DD2536) and e-mail it to

Off-Post Performance Request Form (DD2536)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Band Operations Office at (573) 596-0686 or (573) 596-1360.


Need more information?

Utilization of the 399th Army Band is subject to the requirements listed in AR 220-90 as well as other applicable regulations. Please contact the Band Operations Supervisor if you have any questions.