DODPOST Guideline 1 Steering Committee

    The following workgroup representatives are from the services and agencies working to develop and maintain the timely development of standards, business case rules and other material related to that particular workgroups area of expertise.

Guideline 1 DODPOST Law Enforcement Training & Education Standards:
Team Leader:  Ms. Olivia Prewett, OAC, 573-563-7217,
Mr. Jim Hall, DIA, 202-231-1780,
Mr. Neal Shea, NSA, 301-688-4065,
Mr. Eric Linneman, DLA, 571-767-5019,
LT Mr. James Crist, USN, 757-836-5630,
Mr. Robert Anderson, 705-195-0520,
MACS Erick Ford, USN, 757-746-7974,
Mr. Chris Nauman, NSA, 240-373-1095,
Mr. Steven Wright, NGA, 314-676-1455,
T J Kivley, USN, 757-462-3230,
Mr. Tommy Bibb, USMC, 573-855-5311,
SSgt James Cassidy, USMC, 215-257-1702,
MSgt Vincent Brasher, USAF, 337-303-4542,
Mr. Scott Cheek, USA, 573-596-2251,

Guideline 3 DODPOST Investigative Analyst Training & Education Standards:
Vachon Bullock Deputy Chief, Commanding Intelligence Operations Center (CIOC) USACIDC   571 305-4310
Sean Anderson Criminal Intelligence Program Manager 701st MP Group 571 305-4482
Mike Sikorski Criminal Intelligence Program Manager FinCEN LNO, USACIC 791st MP MPFU  571 305-4456
Janell Portare DCIS 703-604-8422