Privacy Act Statement

Authority: DoDI 7050.01.

Principal Purpose: To obtain information necessary to properly investigate fraud, waste, and abuse.

Routine Use: Information will be used used by the IRACO to conduct audits or investigations. The information might be gathered for historical records or statistical use within the limits of Army records management requirements (AR 25-400-2). In addition, any of the DoD "Blanket Routine Uses at may apply.

Disclosure: Voluntary. Not providing information may limit the ability to mitigate and resolve fraud, waste, and abuse issues.

Fraud, Waste and Abuse/Request for Audit Form

Use this form to ANONYMOUSLY report Fraud, Waste and Abuse or to ANONYMOUSLY suggest an organizational audit. The information will be anonymously emailed to the Internal Review and Audit Compliance Office. There is no tracking of IP addresses or other identification.

1. For Fraud, Waste or Abuse reports, please fully describe the incident, including what, when and where it occured. You may optionally include the person(s) involved, if known.

2. For requests to audit an Organization, please fully describe the reason(s) you feel an audit is warranted.

3. You may OPTIONALLY enter your name, phone and email IF YOU WISH. Your personal information will be held in strictest confidence by the Internal Review and Audit Compliance Office.


Optional Information

IF YOU WISH, you may provide your name, phone, and email. If provided, your personal information will be held in strict confidence by Internal Review and Audit Compliance Office.