Travel restrictions, including testing and quarantine requirements are constantly evolving. While this site is updated regularly, it is important to understand the most recent guidance from your chain of command.


Colonels and below, and their Family members as applicable, arriving into Ramstein Air Force Base on the Patriot Express are required to take the Sponsorship Bus to USAG Wiesbaden, unless they have an exception to policy.


For questions upon arrival, call the Installation Sponsorship Liaison: 
+49 (611)143-548-1615; DSN 548-1615


Permanent Change of Station (PCS)

  • All inbound and outbound Service Members, Dependents and DACs will use the Patriot Express to the maximum extent.
  • All inbound Service Members, Dependents and DACs will conduct surveillance testing (SM), screening (DEP, DACs) and 10-day ROM upon arrival into theater.
  • ROM location dependent on SM status and availability by location.
  • All outbound SMs, DEPs, DACs, will adhere to any ROM requirements at gaining installation.
  • FRAGORD 1 to USAREUR TASKORD 20-0008 Summer PCS Moves


You are responsible for reporting your (and all dependents) arrival to the USAG Trace Team within 24 hours of your arrival.

Call the Trace Team Call Center:

  • TEAM A:  DSN 548 8903 / 8917; CIV 49(0)611 143 548 8903 / 8917
  • TEAM B:  DSN 548 8905 / 8921; CIV 49(0)611 143 548 8905 / 8921
  • TEAM C:  DSN 548 8900 / 8927; CIV 49(0)611 143 548 8900 / 8927
  • Or, email
  • Your sponsor must contact the Trace Team for you if you do not have access to a phone upon arrival
  • Review and adhere to the current USAG Wiesbaden Quarantine Policy Letter.
    • You must sign the Quarantine Statement of Understanding within 24 hours of arrival; your sponsor will retrieve it and submit it to the Trace Team
  • Review virtual in-processing briefings while in quarantine.
    • Complete and sign the Virtual In-Processing Checklist
    • Submit the completed checklist to the USAG In-Processing Office on the first day of in-processing

Quarantine and Testing

  • The USAG Trace Team will guide you through reporting and testing requirements, as well as the quarantine release process.
    • If you or a dependent displays COVID-19 symptoms, you must contact the Trace Team immediately to attain a medical referral through the Wiesbaden Public Health Office
    • Your sponsor will download the Trace Team Requirements Guide at
  • The guide provides instructions, service hours, and information for your sponsor
    • Service Members are required to be tested IAW current Army, USAREUR, and USAG Wiesbaden policies
    • Civilian employees are authorized and encouraged to be tested in the same manner as Service Members
    • Dependents are not tested upon arrival to Germany nor while in quarantine, unless they display COVID-19 symptoms
  • You and all dependents will remain in quarantine until you have completed your 10 days and have a negative COVID test. Your unit will provide you and your family with an authorization memorandum to take to the Installation Access Control Office to get access to post. For anyone that tests positive release memorandums are set after 1300 (1 p.m.) the last day of isolation.