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As the proponent of all historical activities within the Army Reserve, we accurately collect, preserve, interpret, and communicate the Army Reserve’s (AR) history and material culture to the USARC Commander, Decision Makers, the Force, and the Nation.

Develop a fully integrated and properly resourced network of history programs and professionals who preserve the history of the Army Reserve, serve Soldiers through education and training, support decision-making; and use advanced technologies, providing relevant, timely historical products and services for the Army Reserve, the Army, and the general public. (AR 870-5, para.2-1.b).

310th Engineer Multi-Role Bridge Company Mission Statement:

The 310th EN CO provides personnel and equipment to transport, assemble, disassemble, retrieve and maintain all standard U.S Army bridging systems, and provides transportation of Palletized Load System configured cargo.

310th Engineer Company Bridge Crewmembers provide bridge and rafting support for dry and wet gap crossing operations when a squad, section or platoon encounters rough terrain in combat situations.


Unit Motto:                                                         "Reap What You Sow!"

Awards Received

Winner of the 2017 Lt. Gen. Emerson C. Itschner Award. The Itschner Award is presented to the most outstanding U.S. Army engineering company during a year.

The 310th is the winner of the 2017 Lt. Gen. Emerson C. Itschner Award. The


Primary:(804) 633-8313

Primary: (804) 633-8313

Secondary: (804) 633-8279

Secondary: (804) 633-8279

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