The top priority of the installation safety office is to safeguard service members, their families, civilian employees and Army property, as well as to create the safest work and living environment possible. Safety office personnel advise, audit and assist commanders and managers in executing their safety and occupational health program in order to protect the mission, prevent injury and damage, comply with the law and limit liability.

All Leaders, Warriors, Family members, Workers, and guests of the Fort Walker community are entitled to a safe and healthy place to work, train, and recreate. The installation Safety Offices mission is to ensure the safety, health and well-being of all those who reside, train, or visit Fort Walker, through the risk management process and adherence to safety regulations, standards, policies and principles.

By working together as a team, we accept and manage risks in order to complete missions and tasks safely and efficiently to minimize or prevent accidental loss of human and material resources.

Services available on Fort Walker:

• Explosives Safety
• Industrial Safety
• Radiation Safety
• Tactical Safety Oversight
• Site Inspections

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